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Monday, July 25, 2011

FB status

Since my blog is my mental note to everything, I couldn't let it pass -- my FB statuses. You know, they are like your daily thought blog. Like a richly-woven blog concisely put in a small paragraph or even a one-liner. Something that you could have had expounded in one page but decided to just let the people read between the lines instead. Except of course for the seriously unnecessary posts. 

We have a lot of thoughts running through our consciousness every minute. You can not expect everyone to listen or read to it now, would you? As per a very cool professor from the movie EASY A, "I don't know what your generations fascination is about documenting your every thought... who gives a rat's ass??" True, who does? Like you being bored to death or taking a dump in an unusual way. SERIOUSLY? I am not against you wasting your energy on blabbering about something so insignificant since this is a free country. It's just that, don't do it all the time and nag about it even. We are of course entitled to our own frivolous time. But do not make it your persona. Your thoughts reflect who you really are. Publicizing it makes it final. You don't always get the chance to prove people wrong after that. Right? That is why, I always make it a point that my statuses are not a waste of space and chance. :)

So anyway, the real reason for this blog is to introduce a new line of category in my all-in-one blogspot. (That seemed like introducing a new clothing line. Haha.) My FB statuses. Since I do believe that they are authentic thoughts that represent me. You'll see them in the next pages. :D

Random trivia: I got the statuses from the Facebook archive I once always updated. It is very complicated. Let me explain. Haha. I print-screen my wall until the last post I updated it with and paste it in MS WORD. Meaning, I have screenshots of my posts and the comments in it Just everything that's in my wall. Simple but tedious. Ow well, that is just me. As what I just recently told my friend Ima, "Once an idea, never remains an idea. Most of the times." I just have to do it you know. :D Lemme give you the picture of the said idea. This was since I started using Facebook. Mental isn't it? :D

UPDATE: But of course it doesn't make sense now that FB has an option to view your posts way back when you first opened it. So much for effort! ^^


  1. you were in a complicated relationship back in 2009? with who?!

  2. Nyahahaha. No oi, I just used the same thing I use in FS before. The It's complicated thingy. Unfortunately it wasn't the same in FB. So I eventually took it out. Of all the things, mao jud imo! :))

  3. AHAHAHAAH! Febbe noticed the date but I noticed that?! :P

  4. Yeah. You noticed first the heart thingy! :P