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Monday, July 25, 2011

FB Statuses 2009

Created this pic myself. :D

For all that is left... May it last. June 18 at 10:44am.

For in it's innermost depths... Youth is lonelier than old age. June 23 at 11:39am.

Torn between what is, and what could be. *sighs*. June 26 at 10:14am.

Ang daming tao sa SM. [There's a lot of people in SM (a mall)] Saw familiar faces. I saw Jason my teammate, or was it Jason? Malayo kc. [Rather far.] Then saw Emma of wave 43, may kasama atang bf. [seems like she's with her bf.] Uyyyyy Emma! Nakita ko rin si Dennis from wave 44, laag pud daw xa. [Saw Dennis also from wave44, also just strolling.] Ultimately, nakasalubong ko si TL Penni papuntang c. [crossed paths with TL Penni as well going to] June 28 at 8:32pm.

Danshine gwanhayeo moduneun cheorul aneuru chodaehanda. goriko naneun chinssaro wae-e gwanhaeseonen moreunda... Chinssaro. Naneun moreunda. July 1 at 12:44pm. [I can't remember what I meant by this too. Nyahaha.]

One need not put up with unpleasant things. There are remedies after all. -- A Book of Dreams by Christina Pantoja Hidalgo. July 5 at 9:45am.

Can somebody teach me discipline??? I badly need it. Eversince. July 8 at 3:14am.

~~And I don't wanna be your friend...~~ July 10 at 3:00pm.

I like dead-end signs. They at least have the decency to let you know you're going nowhere. -Bugs Bunny. July 12 at 8:47am.

A miserable being must find another miserable being. Then he's happy. -- The Lady and The Tramp. July 15 at 11:52am.

If she'd wanted where desire could never exist, she could overcome it. -- Sweet Revenge. July 18 at 9:08am.

And this is where I shut up. *defeaning silence*. July 20 at 7:00am.

I vowed to stay silent but this is another thing. I need to express. My keyboard is busted. Think i'm calm? No. I can't even do an exclamation point. My capslock wont work. And this status msg took me 5 mins to type. Don't ask why. - ow wat a day. July 21 at 9:32am.

The feeling is overwhelming. And I'm SCARED of it. July 25 at 9:25am.

WHAT THE HECK??? Who is singing GROW OLD WITH YOU sa television??? mgbalik2 nsad na sa ako utok run for the next few days. [It will be in my head again and again] Grrr... Harhar! July 26 at 9:03pm.

So I guess, I'm a year older. Congratulations! July 27 at 5:43am.

Salamat sa nigreet nako! [Thanks for those who greeted me!] It is highly appreciated! Especially sa nicomment! Hehehe. Ang wala ni greet nako kay next year nlng greet ha? [To those who didn't, just greet me next year ok?] joke! Pero nalain jud ko kay ang akong giexpect nga mogreet, wala jud ni greet nako. [But I was hurt for those people who I expected to greet but didn't.] You know who u are pipz. Hahaha. K. July 8 at 8:47am.

~~ And now... take my heart back... leave ur pictures on the floor. Steal back my memories... I can't take it anymore. I've cried my eyes out... and now I face the years... ~~ July 29 at 1:58pm.

Will be off for another wave lunch out. Late na naman ako! [I'm late again!] Waaaaaaaa. Gotta go. July 30 at 10:49am.

I find anybody's pain funny. Except my own. -- Flushed away. July 30 at 6:25pm.

THIS has got to stop. July 31 at 2:29am.

~~In Christ alone... I place my trust. And find my glory in the power of the cross... In every victory, let it be said of me... My source of strength... My source of hope... ~~ *singing with Brian Litrell. August 3 at 4:21am.

Is eating at Jocobos IT park with teammates. And wud u bliv m changing my status using Dirk's fon??? Suya qw! [Envious!] Hahaha. TL Tin nsan ka na? [TL Tin where are you?] :D August 3 at 8:07am.

I can break your heart if you keep on breaking mine. August 3 at 11:27am.

I recoil in the slightest of pain. Stupid question: Is it a good or a bad thing? August 5 at 9:34am.

Just when I accepted that things can work out... Everything became perfectly clear! Arrghhhh!!! I hate this. August 8 at 6:16am.

Is now signing off to give way sa aking mga pamangkins. Waaaaa... ang lake na ng utang ko!!! Pagkatapos nila, sleep na rin me. Good nyt nocturnal people. And now i take my day off... August 9 at 9:15am.

I'm taking my pain relievers more often these days. THIS is not good. Really. I'm scared. :( August 9 at 7:40pm.

I forgot to on leave for August 18!!! I'm not exaggerating but that day wud reli b chaotic. For which I actually welcome with unparalleled fervor! And so we meet agen... August 14 at 4:36pm.

I feel so euphoric i can hardly contain it! And i pray to all the angels and saints that nothings gonna go wrong tomorrow! I feel like breeding this joy later tonight --- Hindi ko kayang tagalugin to, kaya pagpasensyahan nyo na. [I can't tagalized this so bear with me.] At akoy matutulog na. [And now I'm sleeping.] August 17 at 10:57am.

Will be a busy two weeks now. And I'm so sleepy but i dont know where to sleep in this mess! by the way, I gave up my buwan ng wika mode, hindi ko na kaya! [Can't take it!] hahaha. *going back to english settings* August 18 at 4:08pm.

~~I realized the way your eyes deceived me... The tender looks that I mistook for love... ~~ (wow yevi. old school lageh ko run.) August 20 at 10:02am.

I planned to change my status for a mushy one today. But wen i opened fesbuk, binulaga ako ng bad news. Ruther, u wer the first one who asked me, "ARE U TALKING TO URSELF?" when i was talking to my monitor sa floor na wlang customer sa linya, right then, we became frens, and its so depressing to lose one. I just hope that werever u might be, ur happy. We pray for u and for the loved ones u left behind. RIP Ruther. :( August 22 at 9:06am.

I told u that if you will find somebody else, I'll let u go. The jerk did not listen. Now, I really don't want to be ur friend. August 24 at 6:58am.

I thot wat we had was special. But I've heard, its the same with everydy else and those bfore me. I agree, men ARE polygamous in nature. :P August 27 at 7:43am.

My 9 yr old spokening dollars pamangkin [nephew] just told me wat i feared I had bcome. He said, "you know wats weird AUNTIE LEAH (with such slang), u dont do anything but, computer, sleep, and work." Nyahaha. KIDS DONT LIE. August 29 at 12:31pm.

This is the second time iv had this weird impulse. I was downstairs eating and the phone rang. It's near me so i picked it up and i was about to answer, "THANK YOU FOR CALLING MICROSOFT..." O_O August 30 at 7:59pm.

Slowly we're growing apart. Which is what I said I needed. But why does it have to feel so sad? *sighs* September 1 at 1:20pm.

Misery alternates with euphoria. - The Saving Graces... I agree. and now, there were no more tears shed. I guess, goodbyes is a matter of getting used to. I pray u have a safe trip beloveds. Bon Voyage. See you in 2 years! :) September 2 at 12:11pm.

UP movie + 3D glasses + Oishi manju bigbox + coke + Kat = A very good saturday afternoon. September 5 at 8:59pm.

Why do hospitals dont have wifi??? Or is it just Chong Hua? Well anyway, the world should have free wifi!!! Wifi everywhere! :D September 8 at 1:52pm.

Insincerity disgust me. September 11 at 10:38am.

Let me have this time for myself. To think things over A lot of people are cutting me off, is leaving me, or will be leaving me. This is just depressing. I keep my friends. But my concern always, is if they too would want to keep me. :( September 12 at 11:47am.

I appreciate it. I hope u know. I'm sorry to have caused u this much trouble. I wish u happiness Live well my friend. :D September 14 at 4:46am.

This is just so hilarious and I want to share it. My border, the bigger one, just realized that I talk to myslf. I was like talking to the monitor, or the movie, or to myslf (wudeberucalit) and she was like, "Nagsugod nasad ka. Nisuol nasad imo patol. Kapaet." [You're starting again. You're psychotic again. Ow well.] Don't u just love my kins? :)) September 14 at 5:55am.

Is going introvert. And it's not for the time being. :| September 15 at 10:49am.

Had waited for u for 3 months now. I guess that was enuf. U lost ur chance. And now I'm closing all my doors. September 17 at 11:09am.

What a jampacked weekend that was agen. Woke up 8pm yesterday, CVG office 10pm, made bulletin up until 4:30am, got home 7am today, rested (but wasn't able to sleep), went to church 10:30am, @metro until 1pm, met with SOLID frens at mcdo jones. September 20 at 7:45pm.

Exkayuzme??? Hindi ako mang-aagaw. [I'm not a wrecker.] And never will be. You can take ur man for all I care! I never had time for committed men. I deserve more than that. x-( September 21 at 6:49am.

Im afraid. Of getting trapped in my OWN world. September 24 at 7:46am.

Here goes my mother again with her sunday blues. Old school is killing me! It makes me wanna dance to STUPID CUPID. I'm so into the real world today. I'm even listening to radio music. Shall I watch TV then? :)) September 27 at 9:48am.

If you get stuck in an island and u can choose hu u want to be with, WHO would that be and WHY? September 29 at 8:03am.

Im crying. It's been a long time since I last cried. And guess why? Nah, dont bother. Gawd, I hate this. October 2 at 9:12am.

I don't know wat the consequences my actions will bring. But what the heck. I'll break ur rules now. At least this once. October 4 at 1:14am.

It's hard to get to THE anniversary. But I had promised. And so I will. October 6 at 7:33am

My crush ako sa commercial team. *smug* October 10 at 8:36am.

Was wasted. (or was I?) Just woke up. And sh*t, I feel like crap *puking* October 11 at 9:55am.

In this solitude, accompany me. October 13 at 7:46am.

Is still writhing in terrible pain... spent my remaining vgh hours at the clinic bed. Thank heavens I got home! *giddy* October 15 at 6:51am.

I'd like to have a smoke, sit with an old friend and TALK. The problem is... I DONT smoke. *pissed* October 16 at 9:49am.

The more I think about it, the more appalling the thought becomes. And yet the world is in connivance! Ka-letch. October 18 at 12:10am.

Was wasted agian for the 5th time in my life with [tagged name here], [tagged name here], and the others. Darn this hangovers! October 19 at 11:49am.

Pwede mgkaharmless na aksidente? Tapos mgkatemporary amnesia, mapadpad sa malayong lugar (e.g. Paris?), makupkop ng butihin at mayamang donya, [Can I get into a harmless accident? Then have temporary amnesia, get's stranded in a far away place (e.g. Paris?), be taken in by a wealthy and kind Madame] AND I WILL LIVE HAPPILLY EVER AFTER. -The end- October 29 at 10:10am.

I don't like commercial crush na. Kakainis. :D I'd stay in Limbo again until I find another. Help me find one b. :D October 26 at 11:31am.

Start of my week-long vacation! Weeee... I hope on all hopes I can have it for 9 days... Suntok sa buwan. Hahaizt. October 31 at 8:45am.

Went out with Yeng a.k.a. [tagged name here] earlier. This is what I mean by getting a life. :D I had uber fun and I hope I'll still do for the next few days... Team building, I'm looking forward to meeting u. :D November 3 at 1:43am.

Shopping with [tagged name here] knina Hmmm... I'm getting glimpses of a normal life. :D Passed houses with curtains and people watching TV. I had longed to see the night lights outside while I'm inside watching it. And isn't the lightpost beautiful? :D November 3 at 7:23pm.

Dated myself today coz I was busted by a couple of friends. :D Strolled off alone at SM. Finished [tagged name here]'s Deception Point and had pizza, fries, and coke float in between. Odd, first time ever that Dan Brown failed to surprise me. Next stop, ECLIPSE. November 4 at 8:40pm.

Attended a stranger's wedding. I just realized, when will mine be? Or will I ever have one anyway. Unfortunately, there was no throwing of the bouquet part. Silly. :D November 5 at 7:25pm.

And so my 9 days vacation is now over. It served its purpose but it gave me one last realization. "I'm tired. And I'm desperate." November 8 at 1:53pm.

There's nothing left to lose anyway. So why the heck not?! November 11 at 8:42am.

Just recited my entire life story in the most concise version I could muster. Odd. This time, there was an audience :) November 13 at 10:47am.

Went with [tagged name here] for the movie 2012. It was fund and the movie? Ionno. As per Yeng, it's BOOOO... :D November 15 at 10:41pm.

Watched 2012 again! Waaaaa... Went with [tagged name here] and [tagged name here] this time. I will have less sleep again. But it served its purpose. Buckle up Katio. U have just begun. :D November 17 at 3:21pm.

Nangungupahan sa mismong bahay ng erpatz. Mas mahal pa ang renta sa suggested retail price! Pwede sumama sa susunod na space shuttle mission? :D [Renting even in my parent's place. Costlier than the suggested retail price! Can I go on the next space shuttle mission?] November 18 at 12:04pm.

I'm turning into stone. And is that for the better? or for worse? November 22 at 8:42pm.

Waaaaa... my cellphone is really dead. Good thing warranty still stands. [tagged name here] sowe gyud. Resched? Crap. I have to do EVERYTHING online now. November 23 at 12:04am.

"Watching them, I felt like I better understood what Jacob told me about imprinting before -- it's hard to resist that level of commitment and adoration." - Eclipse. November 25 at 11:26am.

Photoshopping with [tagged name here] and [tagged name here] sa bahay. Since 6am. Wahahahahaha. This is fun. November 27 at 10:03am.

Now where am I going to sleep again in this mess? Thy will be done. :| November 28 at 6:56pm

Akala ko maghihintay ako sa labas ng bahay until 6am. Ug sa dihang sa eskina sa amo naa diay nagrambol. Binuakay butilya! The only ting that unnerved me was that, akong so-called-bro-in-law ug usa ka silingan ang gusto magpinatyanay. Ug kay ang hinungdan ang akong ate??? Weeeee... naa niya ang yawi sa balay. Nakasulod ko. :D [I thought I'll be waiting outside the house until 6am. But then I realized just a few houses from ours, there was some gang fight. Breaking bottles! The only thing that unnerved me was that, it was my so-called-bro-in-law and a neighbor that wanted to kill each other. And that the reason was because of my older sister??? Weeee... she had the keys to the house. So I was able to get in.] November 30 at 3:50am.

Heybi Birtdi to WAVE 42 NACS Microsoft. Weee... Akala ko hindi ako makakaabot. [I thought I won't make it.] :D Kitakits later [tagged names here]. Since we're all on PTO. Let's have a blast! December 2 at 7:12am.

Indeed. The wave outing was superb! Thank you guyz 4 making 8 pocble! Wev owez had a problem wid plannd outngs kc Hehe. Again, hapi anniv wave 42! December 3 at 10:46am.

I live each day. In the present. When will I live for the future? December 6 at 7:29am.

Dating Ava agen. I knw 8s absurb but i cant help 8. Maganda ba ang ninja assasin? [Is ninja assasin nice?] December 8 at 10:45am.

Men are PROUD. But women are PROUDer Please don't prove them wrong. :) December 10 at 10:25am.

Dated [tagged names here]. Wanted to watch Avatar in 3D but none for the time being. Still, it was good. I'm feeling the yuletide season. :) I pray I can get some sleep tonight. Ava, goodluck to us. :D December 24 at 4:04pm.

Forgive and forget. After all it's Christmas. As per the song... ~~It's the time of year, when the world's sincere...~~ Wait, bactrack a bit. Forgetting? Ahm, I still have to work on that. Being a human archive and all. :D Maayong Pasko beloveds! :* December 25 at 8:14am.

Had a great team cwismas party earlier. Now, is in a cwismas celeb and a movie marathon at [tagged name here]. Together with [tagged names here]. I've learnt a new vocabulary today. NaruRudy ako. :)) December 26 at 7:19pm.

You have a better chance of making this work than most forty-year-olds I know... My little middle-aged child. Luckily, you seem to have found another old soul." -- From renee to Bella (Breaking Dawn) As I am middle-aged too, I hope I can find my old soul. Wait, I KNOW I will. And by then, I'm not gonna be afraid. I'll find him. And make him my destiny. Sooner or later. :) December 28 at 8:21am.

YOU distract me. Carry on. *smiles* December 31 at 10:28am.


  1. Ang daming tao sa SM. [There's a lot of people in SM (a mall)] Saw familiar faces. I saw Jason my teammate, or was it Jason? Malayo kc. [Rather far.] Then saw Emma of wave 43, may kasama atang bf. [seems like she's with her bf.] Uyyyyy Emma! Nakita ko rin si Dennis from wave 44, laag pud daw xa. [Saw Dennis also from wave44, also just strolling.] Ultimately, nakasalubong ko si TL Penni papuntang c. [crossed paths with TL Penni as well going to] June 28 at 8:32pm.

    who was i with? was it france?

  2. Actually, when I read that back, it took me a seriously long time to remember what happened that day. And would you believe, yung sayo lang ang natatandaan ko??? hahaha. And it wasn't your friend France. I forgot who that friend was. Bag.o lang man mo ato nigawas sa cinema then padulong mo parking lot. You commented on this status nga na it was just a friend. Medyo chubby and short na guy.