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Sunday, March 4, 2012

FB Statuses 2011

What a heck of a 1/11/2011!!! Just got home. And this will be one of my memorable new years. To you, who I think may not be able to read this, KOMAWOYO. For spending some of it with me. I ope that will stay between us. Don't worry, my lips are always sealed. ;) Til next! Off to the beach with fam. Heybi New Year ebwiwan! :D January 1 at 8:50am.

You are my version of Lee Min Ho. You're someone I once had, will prolly never have again, and choose not to have. Someone I'm having problems getting over with. I have kept you in my heart for 3 years now. And I will continue so, in silence. Until someone can replace your part in it. :) January 2 at 6:28am.

First kiss... January 3 at 6:20am.

1am, after he decided to treat me for a midnight snack sa sinangag station (P.del rosario)

Him: Mao ra na imo sul.obon?
Me: Why? What's wrong with what I'm wearing? (T-shirt and skimpy volleyball short)
Him: *gave a straight face and just continued walking*

-nalingaw ko. :) January 4 at 7:58am.

Mag unsa ang kagwapa kung walay uyab? Mag unsa ang kasexy kung walay gamit? Ug mag unsa ang ka bright kung bogo ug math??? Geng, 1 + 1 is always equal to 2! Dili 1 lng jpun. :P January 6 at 11:53am.

♫♪ I'm so tired of being alone... So hurry up and get here... ♪♫ January 8 at 9:54am

When I lost everything the second time. I lost myself too. i lost everything I believed in. I have changed since then. A lot. For the most parts. I know you notice. But I hardly even care now. I know I'm not the most wretched person alive. but I can't see reason yet. This is a plea. Untie my blindfolds... January 11 at 12:29pm

Mission accomplished: Mang-seduce ng bakla!!! :)) January 12 at 1:32pm.

Bakit ba napakahirap para sa iyo ang magtanong? Tsk2. January 13 at 12:07pm.

To quote: "Your fun is only limited by your imagination."

-Have fun guyz! Imagine a lot! Pit Senyor! :D January 15 at 3:45pm.

Just woke up kay 7pm na naabot ganina since sinulog. :)) I had fun girls! Sa uulitin. :D January 18 at 1:57am.

I am going back to hiding (part 2) for the next months. I'm exhausted with this lifestyle. I need time for myself. Therefor, I automatically decline invitations from here on until further notice. Pak! Except of course for special circumstances. :D Btw, my fb page will be slightly inaccessible to ALL so ayaw'g kalain because it's nothing personal. :D Txt2 nlng nya ta. 'Til next! January 18 at 8:36am.

I'd love to be in a truth AND dare with you. :D January 20 at 11:52am.

Me: I have a future too you know. I need to save.
Mama: Magminyo naka???

-nyahahaha. Pawng ko ato dah! January 22 at 9:16am.

I heard there are 7 levels to heaven. I daresay, hanggang 4.5 pa lng ako! :)) January 24 at 4:30am.

I can see a number of losses and sorrows from people I know. And I realized, my life is not at all that bad. I have not suffered the greatest loss yet. And for that, I AM grateful. :) January 25 at 11:23am.

Ba't ba ako napagdidiskitahan? Do I exude arrogance? I may be confident but never arrogant. Last na lang ka hap! >:( January 26 at 2:27pm.

Ayoko sa plastic. So I'll never be one. If I initiate talk, then I have nothing major against you. Otherwise, I'm just being civil. (o.O) January 28 at 12:32pm.

Slowly re-establishing the old routine. Because the goal for this year is to have a healthy bankbook. So lesser trips as much as possible. :)) January 31 at 3:45am.

Reason: I'm tired of compromising. It's my turn to not listen. January 31 at 4:03pm.

I miss the wide-brimmed straw hat I used to wear in CVG while taking calls. That was equal to an invisibility cloak back then. I wish I could wear one to work. I can JUST wish. :| February 1 at 4:40pm.

Why are so defensive around me??? Did I ever confront you? We never even talk about it. So cut the crap. it's insolent. February 3 at 12:36pm.

Just got home from my first team building with teammates. That was super fun guys!!! Sa uulitin! Pictures, tomorrow na. :) February 6 at 8:51pm.

I wanted a puppy but my father won't allow it. "Rabies". I wanted to go blonde but my father strongly disapproves. "Slutty". I wanted a scooter but my father forbids me so. "Equates death". I jokingly said I want to get a tattoo but my father looked as if he will skin me alive first. *theoretically speaking* :)) February 7 at 5:00pm.

Nakakabulag ba ang puwing? Fishtea. Two days na ni ha. Huhuhu... February 8 at 2:29pm.

Me: That guy in black is checking me out.
It: But... he's gay.
Me: You think? o.O
It: I know so. :D
Me: Well, maybe he's bisexual??

-nyahahaha. Pinipilit mo talaga ateng? Well, in my defense, I was confused. :)) February 9 at 1:50pm.

I have the nicest view of the sunrise from my station. Who said we need to scour for resorts with the right coordinates just to see one? If only I can take pictures though... tsk2. February 11 at 12:12pm.

The pact is satisfied again. I'm getting bolder and bolder as times goes. I proud myself! Waiting for a positive response. Hehe. Happy Valentines Day everyone! :D February 14 at 1:26am.

I'll take your silense as a NO. Looks like I'm gonna be dating myself again on valentines. See yah around lovers! :D February 14 at 8:28am.

Just got home from barhopping with a fren. Bisag mura mig mag-uyab, nahalin japun mi. Nyahahaha. Had fun my fren! I'm glad you kept your promise. But let's not do that again to avoid regrets. Nyahaha. February 15 at 6:32am.

I hate waking up (always after 4-5 hours) and feelig like sh*t after a hard drinking session. Good thing I don't puke. But my head's spinning right round right round. :)) Ow well, nothing a bowl of noodles can't alleviate. Going back to slumber mode. zZzz... February 15 at 1:21pm.

REPOST: Have u noticed that u are only seeing updates or getting comments from the same people lately? Thats because Facebook made a change. You only see posts from people u interact with regularly, to change this Scroll down to the bottom of the newsfeed on the homepage and click on 'Edit Options', click on 'Show Posts From' and change.. the setting to 'All of Your Friends and Pages' REPOST AND LET EVERYONE KNOW. February 17 at 11:49am.

I do not believe in designer clothes. Unless there's an obvious need to secure one. :D February 17 at 2:11pm.

I won't eat anymore... extra. Promise. *focused* February 4 at 12:18pm.

I gave you a second chance but you didn't take it. So there will be no more regrets, no more what if's, and no more second chances to wait for. I'm free of you. And will no longer entertain you even at pretense. Enough is enough. :| February 19 at 2:10pm.

Can we act as if nothing happened? Can we go back to being just friends? I really want to be your friend but you have to treat me like one too for it to work. Which is unlikely to happen. *sighs*. February 21 at 1:50am.

Overnight at [tagged people here]. Baking and movie marathon. Weee... February 21 at 10:36pm.

Happy Birthday to my mother! 64 years and counting! :D February 22 at 4:25pm.

I like you. But my friend liked you first. Loved you even. Though all is in the past, why does it still seem like a sin to try and win you? February 24 at 1:46pm.

I'm tired. So friggin' tired. So I accept my fate. It's overly exhausting to fight against it. The calm before the storm starts now. February 25 at 12:19pm.

Isa na lang ata ang nakakapagpabuhay ng dugo ko. SWELDO. :D February 26 at 2:13pm.

Just got home from watching I Am Number Four with [tagged people here]. But of course, not without the usual bickering. Enx you two. Enjoyed the day much. Maybe long before I can hang out with you two again. You'll see. :D Need to sleep now. Twas rather an exhausting day at the "malls". :)) February 27 at 7:02pm.

32 people online, but you're not. What a waste. :D Well, we never talk, I don't even think you know me, but it gives me "butterflies in my stomach; to know you're just there. Onlinne. And me feeling that way nowadays is rarer than blue moon. :) February 28 at 9:35am.

Again, I reiterate... (and I'm pretty sure I've said this a gazillion times now) I. DONT. MESS. WITH. COMMITTED. PEOPLE. Yet you still lied to me. It would have beenok if you were honest at first. We still would be friends. I hope it was worth severing ties with. Tsk2. March 1 at 3:11pm.

I am now officially an employee of [company here]. Regular na jud mi! Weee... Celebration on weekend! :D March 3 at 12:39pm.

*Sa locker..*

Me: Kuya, did u change the locker positions?
Guard: No maam. Dili man na ichange w/0 notice.
Me: I can't open my locker lage? And it seems it's at the wrong side.

*He checked. Di pa rin mabuksan. Dumating si other guard we call "Kuya Zanjoe".*

Kuya Z: Maam, are you sure diri ka nga floor? Di ba [LOB here] man ka sa 9th floor?
Me: Aw, unsa diay ni nga floor?
Kuya Z: 8th floor pa ni maam.
Me: *lol* March 4 at 1:05pm.

OH MY GOD!!! Not another fire in T.Padilla. Should I just kill myeslf now??? March 5 at 1:58pm.

That is why I don't like horror movies. I have real horrors in my life. Why would I want to add up to it? March 7 at 4:25am.

I have lived to serve. Regardless of everythign else, with that alone, I am content. March 8 at 11:33am.

I went to a movie with a gay-friend. After the movie, we went strolling sa mall and ran into his parents. Funny thing was, his parents looked at me strangely. LIke teasing. I was restraining myself not to laugh and say, "Di po kami talo." :)) March 10 at 12:18pm.

Mr. Ultimate Crush: Your new hair looks really good on you by the way. You look waaaay prettier now. JP did wonders to you. Or did the (house) fire make you hotter???
Me: *dumbstrucked*... *loading*... *LOL* :)) March 12 at 2:42pm.

If I ask you to shut up and stop whining, would you listen? If I ask you to not move and stop pacing around, would you stay still? If i ask you to not talk to me and leave me alone, will you go away?

If NO, then ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies. If YES, then... thank you. :| March 14 at 6:15pm.

Remember what I said? "Give me 4 things and I'm all yours." Remember that? Well, you seem to have unknowingly given me 2 already. Though not for the right reasons. :) Off to bed now. Xoxo. March 15 at 5:30pm.

Mission: Defying self-inflicted rules.

-starting with accepting friend requests from god-knows-who but with a slight background check. :)) March 17 at 3:46pm.

When I promise something, I do it. Wag mo lang sanang abusuhin since you know for a fact. That's all. Bow. :| March 18 at 2:59pm.

Is at SM wandering around. Just keep wandering, just keep wandering... on the quest to find Nemo. O.O March 20 at 11:16am.

I think. I already forgot how to sleep. *sigh* March 20 at 5:13pm.

Malain ko. Akong truth and dare, este, truth adn truth question kay, "Who's your guy crush, lady crush, and gay crush sa floor?"

-ay! Multi-preference??? Yevi. :)) Ow well, I still answered it. :D March 21 at 5:21pm.

Anybody can be a writer these days. I'm proud to say I'm not. I do not write for the sake of writing. I write because I want to. which I guess makes me no writer. As they should be versatile. OR maybe I might have just mixed up the definitions of related terms. :)) March 22 at 2:44pm.

F*ck!!! I can't get in my own wifi!!!! Eshtufffid! Dili mo-reset ang password bisan kapila gireboot! Gahapon pa ni ha! Waaaaa.... *frustrated ligid-ligid mode* March 24 at 12:16pm.

I would just like to give my utmost gratitude sa dalawa kong butihing mga kaibigan namely: [tagged people here] na isa ring internet/cable technicians. It worked!!! I feel like I'm on of your dumb foreign customers! Then I got another problem which was HOW to configure my router since all my discs were burned. But all is well. :D And now, surfing MUST RESUME. :D March 26 at 12:37pm.

If I'm gonna get a date to bring tomorrow night, then I'll go to that effing party. :)) March 26 at 4:10pm.

I have no time for lovelife, nightlife, religious life, ug uban pang layp. For now. Until I reach my ultimate goal this year, after then, I'll get my life back with fervor. C'est la vie! March 28 at 5:36am.

I seriously need to get new contacts. Or I'll mistake everyone from anyone now. Just like earlier. :D March 28 at 7:12pm.

I'm prejudiced against rich people. I'm sorry. But I am. (Except of course for whom I'm already friends with due to same grounds.) Though it's harmless (because I keep it to myself), I can't excuse myself for such. Condemn me if you must. But one is allowed his own. Prove me wrong I would say. But that's seriously egotistical. :D zzZZz... (-_-) March 29 at 6:23pm.

I wonder why there's an overly recurring need for you to look down. When there's not even a fair amount of mountainous flesh to revel on. Hello? My face is here? Besides, hasn't anybody ever told you it's rude to stare? /:) March 31 at 3:37pm.

Will be in Ayala in a mo. Susugurin ang globe with Cathy. :)) April 2 at 8:43am.

Me: You're the only one in the group who didn't do it with a girl.
IT: Ewwwww!!
Me: WHY is it soooo repulsive??
3rd kind: I don't find it repulsive.
Me: Right. Are you really BI or straight gay? Wait. I have alreayd (quite) proven that! Right? *evil grin*

-- This convo reminds me of... "What is it with you gays?? Are you that repulsed to lady parts? What do you think I have down there? A gnome???" -- Easy A :)) April 3 at 6:39pm.

Was supposed to get my student driving permit today. But bumped into and old friend Juan Tamad for a guava hunt. Why does it always have to be guava?! April 4 at 1:57pm.

I don't really know why I own a twitter account. Will deactivate in a week's time. April 6 at 1:13pm.

I have dealt with a lot of difficult people. Most of the times we end up as good friends. But I've never experienced a lot of them in one sitting. Quite a handful. Too much drama. *shaking things off* April 6 at 3:48pm.

I'm missing my CVG crowd more and more. Nothing beats MS NACS. :) April 8 at 12:02pm.

When I see your pic with the green dot, my heart skips a beat. Hahai crushie... You're an inspiration these days. A sunray on my monotonous, robotic, desolate existence. Sadly, you're not online again today. Tsk2. zzZZz (-_-) April 9 at 3:47pm.

Turning down my bestfriends invite is beyond me. But I had to. Demn! I hate this shift! If this is what growing up means, I'll never lose the child in me. I'll promise myself that. :( April 10 at 5:23pm.

I've been anti-social for the past 3 months. And in the process, had unintentionally severed some ties. But what can I say, I needed to focus, and still do. For the first time in my life, I am happy and contented with the company of kins. Except of course for special circumstances. :) zzZz (-_-) April 11 at 8:43pm.

I just want to lose it. But how...? o.O April 12 at 3:36pm.

♫♪ And I'm out of my league once again... ♪♫ :(

-I should "proud" myself. First time I didn't act upon a strong feeling. First time I didn't befriend someone I like. First time even that a stranger interests me. Well, there's always room for first times. Arrivederci crushie. :) April 13 at 3:44pm.

Is thinking of soft-disconnecting fb again. There's no reason to go online. I just realized that. :)) April 15 at 2:16pm.

If you can't take NO for an answer, DON'T ASK. *seriously pissed* April 16 at 1:36pm.

Friend: Naunsa diay ka?
Me: Gi atake nasad. :)
Friend: Ngano naman pud na?
Me: I took a sip from the devil's cup. :)
Friend: Coffee. Hahahaha.

-- I've got the brightest friends ayt? Tumpak! :D April 18 at 4:36pm.

Our story is like A Walk to Remember. Only, it's imaginary. :) April 19 at 3:55pm.

I was in rebellion. But I'm slowly being wooed. So I'm not closing my doors for a change of heart. In fact, I'm a work in progress. Let us give time to reflect on our spirituality this Lenten season. There' a lot of ways. You CAN do it. :) April 21 at 3:43pm.

Do not push me to carry all your crosses too. I'm not my sister. April 23 at 8:13am.

Weighing scales and body mass index gives you a delusion about weight. That's why I don't believe in them. If you don't see fats, then you've lost it! :)) zzZz.. (-_-) April 23 at 4:53pm.

Why do I always lose a great friend in someone every time they find their love match? You're still good friends of course but the kind that rarely talk and see each other. Is that really how it is? Tsk2. I wonder how I would be when it's my turn... April 25 at 6:07pm.

Sometimes, I get desperate enought to think of hiring some lad to pose as my significant other for a period of tme. Just to quench the undying curiousity my kins are insinuating. I am mortified thinking that the time will come where they will doubt my sexuality. Considering they are still completely oblivious of my tendencies. God forbid! :| zzZz... (-_-) April 26 at 3:48pm.

I was at the break room re-watching 101 Dalmatians. then the 2 sidekick villains showe dup and I kept saying, "Mr. Weasley! Dr. House!". then Cruela de Vil said, "mirror mirror on the wall..." so I laughed and exclaimed "Angayana sa buang!". when I turned to leave, I saw that I was not alone. The girl was looking at me strangely. -The curious case of talking to one's self. :)) April 27 at 3:28pm.

I have to refrain form befriending him. Or I will end up with yet another unrequited love. As I'm already a MASTER of it. :| April 28 at 3:12pm.

I avoid every ounce of negativity these days. I need to keep sane so I won't lose in this game called life. Even if I have to fend off half the world's population! April 29 at 2:35pm.

If we speack with a 'free indirect speech' like in the old English novels, (not sure if that's really how they speak in the 1800's) then I would believe the saying that no one is indeed dim-witted. Because the lowliest man can produce a masterpiece in a single conversation. :) zzZz... (-_-) April 30 at 3:50pm.

To quote: "Every opportunity has a shelf life." -- Burlesque

-I know, I know. You won't be single forever. Can we be single together? :D May 1 at 2:30pm.

You can't even get me when I'm drunk! How much more when I'm sober? Don't flatter yourself. Puhlease. O.O May 2 at 4:58pm.

Repost: "The death of your enemy is not a victory. Osama Bin Laden's death is little more than that.
It is easy to be glad that a murderer is gone, but to be glad that another human life has been lost & wasted is wrong. His death doesn't bring back those who died in his name or indirectly at his hand, & whatever vital information he may have had is gone with him.
Killing your enemy does not brng justice upon them." May 3 at 7:19am.

Let me have my say, and I'll say no more. May 3 at 3:33pm.

Is soft-disconnecting FB for a period of time. Just buzz me if you need me. xoxo. :) May 4 at 2:57pm.

Me: In fairview, nalingaw ra pud ko.
Ava: That's what I've told you Lei. It's always not the place, it's the people you're with.

-True true. Just got home from that exhausting but worth it outing. Nothing beats what we have always been known for. SPONTANEITY. :)) May 9 at 6:48pm.

Sat-Sun Rd again for the next months! Yay! Didn't get the shift I wanted but got the RD's at least. A welcome mistake. :D [zzZz... (-_-)] May 11 at 4:32pm.

Just got home from late bday celeb for bff [tagged person here]! At last nagka.abot na jud ta! Hehe. We are neighbors from a 3-house distance and yet we don't see each other. Ironic. Life of the grown-ups eh? :D zzZz... (-_-) May 15 at 9:53pm.

Cried a good cry. A first for the year. I was in auto-pilot but incognito for 5 months you see. Thinking I'm going to get my goals on course finally. Was very disappointed. I guess maybe it's time to let it go. For now. *crossing my fingers I'd still be whole 'til then* May 16 at 4:58pm.

I get it a lot and it never bothered me. Somehow when my 3-yr-old nephew did it, I was laughing mad! Adika! Gi-head to foot lageh ko! Bayot man tingali ning bataa! :)) May 19 at 1:15pm.

It seems like, I've totally given up on humanity. What once I can easily call a conversation is now an overkill. -state for the last 5 mos. Now, I'm a recovering anti-social. :)) May 23 at 5:36am.

If I'm going to be reincarnated, I'd like to be a guy. :D May 27 at 3:22pm.

Well worth it Team Kriso outing. As always. Right back at yah!!! :D May 29 at 4:24pm.

Had my first wavelunch for the year! Was MIA for the past months kasi. pero naa jud daw nag liya2 style! 2hrs and 30mins! Kayasa, I give my crown to you najud Mac! :D [tagged people here] May 31 at 5:28pm.

Need I remind you that you have lost me a long time ago? You lose me once, you lose me forever. (-__-) zzZz June 3 at 1:49pm.

I haven't played chess in a competition for years! Last time was in college. Though earlier was impromptu, I enjoyed it. Really did. Even if I lost. :D (-_-) zzZz... June 4 at 2:43pm.

I've grown up. Haven't I? :| June 6 at 10:18am.

Do not criticize something so harshly just because you don't understand it. Because it's an insult to those who do. I'm sorry but I have to say... Pick on something your own brainsize! Duh. 'nuff said. June 8 at 7:59am.

I've always been scared of ending up like them. But with the rate I'm going, I might not end up with anything at all. Like a robot with a useless heart. :( 

♫♪Someboday save me...♪♫ (-_-) zzZz... June 9 at 3:29pm.

This is not the medieval times where you can fall in love with just estates, titles, letters, or a face. Love is courtship. Love is loyalty. Love is earned. Therefore, love is TIME. You should know this. It's in The Little Prince. :) zzZz (-_-) June 11 at 3:56pm.

How many times do you have to confuse me for you to get satisfied? I'm tired of you messing up my head. :| June 13 at 1:11pm.

At least you're not rich. We're on the same ground. We can meet half way. :D June 16 at 3:27pm.

I drown myself with love stories and romantic comedies to FEEL anything again. I really miss the feeling of liking someone. It has been quite a while. Should I start with you? :D <3 June 18 at 11:26am.

I speak my mind. Whether pleasing or hurtful. Though it's not very noticeable for poignant truths, but I do. Setting the bar against insincerity as much as I could muster. :) June 20 at 3:01pm.

Can you be a little more sensitive? The world doesn't revolve around you, you know. Duh. 'nuff said. (-_-) zzZz... June 22 at 3:30pm.

I become a teenager in front of you. Can't speak. Can't move. So conscious. Heart beats fast. And butterflies in my stomach! <3 June 25 at 10:38am.

We reap what we sow. We do what we see. Culture for culture's sake is non-existent. It's greatly founded or influenced by media. Sure were free to differentiate what is essential. But do you really not let the society think for you? o.O June 27 at 3:18pm.

You have been my routine for 6 months now. It's a good feeling. I intend to keep it unless clearly stated. ^^ But anyone who knows me surely would applaud why I haven't fallen yet. That's simply because, I vowed not to be the first to fall anymore. NO. I've had enough of one-way, one-sided, secretly loving too-good-to-be-true guys. Every woman deserves to be pursued. Right girls? :P June 29 at 3:53pm.

An act of tenderness. An act of secrecy. An act of surprise. And an act of foolishness. Can win a stone cold heart. Even an Ice Queen. :) July 3 at 4:11pm.

This is one small step for a girl. One giant leap for a woman. Especially for someone like me. *sigh* What have I gotten myself into again? Good luck to me. (-_-) zzZz... July 5 at 3:57pm.

This was one heck of a week! And next week will be twice as much. But I like it. I finally understand why he's so busy that he has no time for lovelife. Unlikely for a guy with looks. I hope I can be busy as much that I won't be able to think about it too. Nyahahaha. :) July 9 at 3:39pm.

One task done! Twas a great learning curve. I realize, if I want to achieve my career goals, I have to bring back the old me. As in way back SCHOOLING ME. Trainer posts are indeed hard. :) July 11 at 7:56pm.

All tasks done. I'm glad it turned out well. I got off unscathed but shaken. I realized, it's alright to panic. I am not a superwoman. :) July 14 at 5:16pm.

"Mischief managed!" I feel like crying. No more to look out for. But we should all be like the sword of gryffindor. Embibe only that which strengthens you. Expelliarmus! :) July 17 at 6:41pm.

I'm near-sighted. I tend to not know an acquaintance's presense in a crowded place. Most times I wouldn't even know I already crossed paths with you on the streets. Which I know is not really brought about the defective vision. But more of general indifference. Since I am almost always caught up in my own world. :D zzZz (-_-) July 18 at 5:09pm.

Do not push me to believe what you believe. Because we are two different people. That's why I don't push my views too. I just STATE it. *annoyed* (-_-) zzZz... July 20 at 4:10pm.

I detest selfish people nga wala sa lugar. I refuse now to be a friend to someone who isn't a friend to me. I've had enough of that. I already have tons of friends for keeps in my world. And of course maybe you too in yours. So tell me, why should we be? /:> July 22 at 3:16pm.

Teenager: "Ate, palihug ko sa plete." Me: *shocked* Amazing.. first time ata. i guess I already achieved my goal. To look mature enough for people to take me seriously. :) July 24 at 8:30pm.

Again, you're not the only one suffering. Some may not talk about theirs but that doesn't follow that they have to listen to your every woes. They are not free psychologists. they are friends. Spot the difference! July 25 at 5:43pm.

Home now. From a fun time with wavemates at CO Jordan (consolacion). Now getting a massage for my back pains for a stressful month! On leave finally! :) July 27 at 3:57pm. 

Liked and commented 105 posts! Whew! Though my birthday had always been the worst day of my years since I was "somewhat independent" (college), your greetings, gifts, and having celebrated it with people that care makes it special in the end. THANK YOU ALL! One more celebration this sat. Hope it wont RAIN on my parade. :D July 28 at 2:18pm.

is now seriously considering the movement to Manila. *crossing my fingers* (-_-) zZzz.. July 30 at 12:21pm.

You guys never fail to make my birthday SUPER special just by being with me in celebrating my existence. ALWAYS. It lifted my downtrodden and dampened spirit to last for yet another year. SAme times next year then? Hehe. Pohon2. <3 July 31 at 7:35pm.

New shift! 9pm-6am na jud ko at last! One I have always wanted for 9 months now. But I hope I can sleep. Good luck to me later! :)) It's raining so it shouldn't be hard. Hmmmm.... (-_-) zZzz... August 1 at 1:15pm.

Too much butterflies in my stomach... It makes me puke. (Nyahahaha. Kala mo cheesy noh?) This is perfect for dieting. By 4th week I should be ready to hit the beach again! :D <3 (-_-) zZzz August 2 at 10:40am.

I'll be offline for a while. For you. Rejoice. August 3 at 10:49am.

Ngano diay nahubog ko gabii oi? Pasabta ko [tagged people here]!!! Mura man ug daghan nainom sah? Nya naa pa juy nag DRUNK CALL and TEXT! Damay oks! :)) Di na ta mag 1on1 sa tequila sunrise sunod oi. DMD. :P August 7 at 10:31am.

There's a difference between speaking in random and changing the subject deliberately. Makes one think you're not even listening. August 8 at 9:57am.

I'm like Cinderella. By the time it strikes 10am, I should be out of the unending mind game. Running. Runnning for cover. (-_-) zZzz... August 9 at 10:35am.

I'm like THE MAN WHO CAN'T BE MOVED. I sit still waiting. Waiting for something unexpected. Because I promised. And I always try not to break a promise. But why does it feel like such a curse? :( August 11 at 10:24am.

I'm like Anne Frank. Oppressed by the wars of the world. Yet undettered. That long talk made me feel like I defended myself from all of it. Again. Thanks. :) August 12 at 10:26am.

At BDO (SM) paying our tickets to bora. Almost lost my wallet that had 7k in it when I left it at the slips desk trying to inquire about multiple transactions. A lady brought the wallet to the guard intact. There are really still honest people. Mabuhay ka kababayan! :) August 13 at 2:28pm.

Paving the way for the queen's arrival. I promised I will this weekend. So I had to disembowel my closet first. That drained all my energy. I hate general cleaning. Demn I do. But even a sloth like me can recognize the need. Recharging... (-_-) zZzz... August 14 at 6:47am.

I woke up from a strange dream. We talked. I thought I had you in. But I couldn't see the spark in your eyes. Only KNOWING. You gave me a direct answer. I woke up after that. Blue Valentine was completely wrong. It's not the women who creates options. it's men. :( August 15 at 3:27am.

Most of the times I think, people want to talk to me to update me of the world. And seldom to ask how I am. What an absurd overkill that is. Human conversation. In this dysfuctional universe, if your friends can't even hear your story, who can? (-_-) zzZz... August 16 at 9:03am.

♫♪ It's the most wonderful time of the year... ♪♫ August 17 at 11:40pm.

Don't come back. There's nothing left for you in here. No more of what once was. I'm already happy. Happy to have finally torn your picture off my wallet. You can't confuse me anymore. Trust me. :) August 19 at 10:07am.

I'm like the SPHINX. (Albeit with lesser monstrosity) I thrive on riddles for passage. Speak in riddles for concealment. Too personal, yet encrypted. Like exposing your innermost thoughts yet undecipherable by the naked eye. Thereby passage would mean trust. Concealment would mean understanding. :) (-_-) zZzz... August 20 at 2:51pm.

I warned you right? I thought you're sensible enough of a man AS YOU CLAIM TO BE. Don't take women for such a fool. We know your ways, as men may know ours. Dude, if you mess with my friend, you mess with me. *raising eyebrows* August 21 at 10:30pm.

With or without help, you must FIGHT for your right to LIVE. And de-stressing is one. No matter the cost. August 22 at 10:33pm.

The only thing I regret in bora, is not being able to do REEF WALKING! Why did it have to rain on our 2nd day? Tsk2. August 25 at 3:44am.

If you can't do it on your own, you're more of a coward than I thought. August 25 at 11:03am.

I'm like a moth to a flame.I get drawn to artificial or candle lights. And sooner or later it will burn me out... If I'm not careful. You see, I'm the moth. You're the flame. :) August 26 at 11:17am.

Real friends don't see each other as competition. But as SUPPORT. Even if what surrounds them gives you utter discomfort. you just gotta be there formt hem through and through. :D August 27 at 5:10pm.

I'm like Bella from New Moon. I'm forbidden to remember. But I'm terrified to forget. Indeed, it's a hard line to walk. (-_-) zZzz... August 28 at 9:28pm.

You need not invite me for the sake of inviting you know. I wouldn't have minded. Heck. I couldn't care less. But now that you did, it's a different story. No more Ms. Nice girl for you. /:> August 30 at 10:37am.

I'm like Alice in Wonderland. I have an imaginary world. With imaginary friends, imaginary enemies, and of course, an imaginary boyfriend. :)) (Finally (-_-) zZzz....) August 31 at 1:41pm.

You were battling other people's wars. Poking on other people's businesses. Really unnecessary. If you easily get influenced, then you'll fall for anything. You should know, TO EACH HIS OWN. :)

--A tribute to a departing friend. :D September 1 at 4:18pm.

If now you're not good enough for the person you like, don't fret. Don't push it. Sooner or later there will be someone, who will find you THE BEST THEY'LL EVER HAVE. And everything will just... fall into place. :) September 2 at 4:44pm.

Bon voyage sis! Have a safe trip! September 3 at 11:29am.

Today's agenda: Enchanted Kingdom alld ay! Hahaha. Off to the magical land! It's nice to be a kid with the people who is as much a kid as you are too. :) September 4 at 7:52am.

I can't live in Manila. I realized that now. Their transpo system is going to kill me prematurely. GGB ang buhay dun. Tsk2. September 6 at 6:43pm.

As long as you still make my heart skip a beat. As long as you can still give me that heart-warming feeling for this monotonous phase. As long as thinking of you doesn't hurt yet. Then this couldn't be worng. And I shouldn't yet stop. Should I? :| September 7 at 10:51am.

Debating is great. It makes you think. Hard at that. But doing it all the time is draining. Sometimes, we just have to agree to disagree. :) September 8 at 2:30pm.

I did my part. You didn't. At least if ever, I won't have any regrets. Anyway, gotta find something more tangible and real now. So I'm going back to basics. DISABLING FB. 'Til the next mood swing! :D September 11 at 9:31am.

I gotta put my thinking caps back on. So is away from all that is FB for a while. :D September 19 at 2:30am.

Slowly detoxifying the poisons in my soul. Slowly healing the wounds from my self-inflicted daggers. And in the depths of my heart, a battlecry I can hear... "It gets better!" :) October 1 at 10:35am.

Am I really ready? To subject myself under serious scrutiny. By a pack of wolves? November 1 at 10:05am.

This is the first time in my sickly existence that I sincerely wish I was born healthy. Sigh. Please pray for my successful operation tomorrow. :| November 3 at 4:24pm.

Finally home. Decent sleep at last. Thank you everyone for all the well-wishes! THE OPERATION WENT WELL! I give all my thanks to the Almighty Father, to you guys, and to my family who never left my side. Thank you for those who visited me despite me being too sick to entertain well. I hope for a fast recovery now. LOA for a month it is. See you guys soon!. :) November 7 at 11:30am.

Waiting makes me go bonkers. Impatience has always been my greatest flaw. And now it immobilizes me to await a verdict that MAY or MAY NOT change my life forever. The only and the BEST thing I can do, is pray. :| November 12 at 3:03am.

To quote: "Maypa nag nurse aid ko kay naa pa koy sweldo." - Indeed, nothing in this world is for free. Even the help of family. What a sad reality. o.O November 15 at 3:40am.

Taboos were put to be avoided. I never thought I'd ever make the classic mistake of breaching it. Freedom? Hah. Didn't I always say, freedom is mind candy for fools? November 16 at 2:59pm.

Have you had a moment with a good-old-friend (whom you secretly like) having fun, hanging out, just the two of you, where people look at you and get jealous because they think you're his girl? And you get all cocky and possesive? Nyahahaha. Fun times. Fun times... :D November 17 at 5:13pm.

You have been creeping up in my dreams. And I am proud of myself. Because even in my truest form, I am blatantly ignoring you. Yes. YOU! :> November 19 at 4:47pm.

This is not good. I don't know. But this is just not good... November 21 at 7:56am.

This same time yesterday, would you believe, my mother was sincerely talking me out to get a psychiatrist??? Demn! This is not good. November 24 at 8:47pm.

I've missed a lot this month. Radisson blu free dinner, Imperial Palace with wavemates, and now HK with Emman!!! This minute I would have been jumping in excitement, all packed and ready to fly. But health is a priority. There's always a next time. Bon voyage my friend [tagged person here]! I'm sorry for changing the plan. Enjoy! Hope you'll find someone there to sweeten up your stay. Pasalubong! :D November 27 at 5:42am.

My friends keep pushing me to get a lovelife. But they never really introduce me to someone I would potentially like. Helpful huh? :> December 1 at 12:53pm.

Back to work in a couple of hours after 1 month of LOA. I can't say I am thrilled. I can't say I don't want to either. Because I'm not rich yet. So until then. Until then. :D December 5 at 4:27pm.

I used to miss us. How we used to be. I wanted you back. So bad. I regretted distancing myself. Yet I had to. I had to keep myself from prying you away from that wretched girl you are too much involved with now. But what use is it? I can't go back. Neither can you. :) December 7 at 6:20pm.

You have no idea what I'm going through. At all. Sometimes I just want to end all of it myself. But I know better. It's just that, most of the times, it seems the extreme can justify the means. Or so everyone thinks anyway. December 12 at 11:22am.

If you see someone sleeping, isn't your impulse to go on tiptoe and not make any noise??? Paet. Respetaray lng ta palihug. Naa tawn koy trabaho. Kinahanglan kog tulog. Kamo kay mabuhi raman mo mg.sitting pretty. But not me. I refuse to spend the rest of my life depending on other people. Please lang. December 15 at 6:28pm.

Who needs a roomie? Because I badly need somewhere I can sleep. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. December 20 at 12:30pm.

Once every year, I wish we had a rooftop. So I can see all the fireworks from all sides. Hahaha. But the cons are greater than the pros. ow well, shrugs. Merry Christmas then. :) December 25 at 12:01am.

Him: Wanna move in with me?
Me: Hahahaha.

-LOL. Sigh. If you only know how serious I am about this. I doubt you'll still ask me that question. :P December 26 at 6:22pm.