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Saturday, January 2, 2010

CHARMED for 2010


I don’t know if this is the effect for watching Charmed series for almost 6 months now which I haven’t finished yet. :D But yeah, I’m charmed.
Charmed by somebody cyber. I’ll say cyber because I can’t quite put two and two together.
In other words, I can’t merge his cyber identity into his physical commodity. Wow. That rhymed. :)

Charmed is for charmed bracelet. :D

This was given to me. And I just realized its all about me! Premeditated? :D
I might bore you with all of this crap but if you’d like to continue reading, then, the pleasure is mine. :)


I think you do know that I have this fondness for clothes. This is where my creativity lie. Don’t get me wrong. The right side of my brain doesn’t work all too well with the left. Hahaha. But yeah, at least for once, there’s one thing I am good at. :)

Shoes are made for walking. New places, new surroundings, new environment, new people, and even the mere idea of traveling appeals to me. You might not agree but the journey between departure areas to pit stops are more enjoyable than reaching the destination itself! Well, that is for me. :D That’s why I’m a nomad. And that’s why I move around a lot. Good-ol-shoes. :)

At first it looked more of a brassiere. :)) And then, I figured it might be sunglasses. But somebody said its a mask. And he was right. :) I have this facade. A front to keep everything superficial. Not that it means I'm not who I appear to be. Heck no. What you see is what you get. It's just not the whole of it. :) I've always felt that sharing my innermost thoughts is synonymous to vulnerability. BARENAKED. My mind has always been my sanctuary. Which I guess, makes me who I am. And I'll stay that way. Until I can scour for somebody I can share it with. Completely. :)

I'd term this OTHER-WORLDLY. The indulgence to the mundane. :D The part of me that balances with the ow-so-called-morality. Don't get me wrong again. I'm not talking about extreme liberal actions here but, enough to be modern and yet still be conventional. :)

My connection to the world. Something I can't live without. Especially the world wide web. Take away what I have. Just not this. Wait, no don't. I'm just kidding. :)) If there is any avenue better than personal meetings, its the net. I've always lived trying to get the best of both worlds. Seeing a good thing in the murkiest circumstances. Haven't you heard that you can be happy and gloomy at the same time? That is called schizophrenia. Wahahaha. Kidding again. But yes, one can be genuinely happy yet gloomy all the same. I'm a witness is an understatement. I LIVE IT is more like it. :)

An indulgence yet again. I'll call this materialism. That could be both positive and negative. Positive because it is comfort, style, and luxury in one. Negative because you defy the norms that come with it. Practicality, prudence, contentment, yada yada yada. I beg to contend that this is not so. It's a matter of perspective and balance. We spend what we have. Budget what we don't. After all, materialism is just a theory as per Something we can work our way around. :D

This caught my eye more than anything else. And partly the reason why I'm writing this. The ring is for commitment. One I couldn't put my finger on. :)) Somebody said I am emotionally barren. I guess he was right. But what he didn't know, is that I may be one, but I can be another too. That which is, loving, and sweet. Cheesy but yes. Change is the only thing permanent in this world right? Nothing is more constant in me now than change. To always change for the better. I won't say I'll prove you wrong, but I'll heed your advice instead. To risk. To love. To commit. :)

In this fast-paced world, we are always on the brink of anything. But one thing I would never rush is loving or falling in love.This will be what I will look forward to for 2010. Apart from all the rest of my future plans. 2009 was a great year. Better than previous years. Because I was free. Free from the reins of kins and the like. I was who I wanted to be. (at least in perspective)

Cheers! For a better, more fruitful year. Or years. :)

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