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Monday, July 5, 2010

Harry Potter Scrapbook

This is the first page of my scrapbook. Told you there's not much art stuff on there. Hahahaha. It's all just plain text. Trust me. :) I copied this letter format of Harry Potter from the first book. That's why it's red and yellow. I never liked Red.

Okay, now I will give you a tour around my scrapbook, will make some captions here and there. But I'll make a blog for every category. The pictures are not going to suffice that's why. (Take note, I'm only basing it on books alone and the movies. I think I don't trust Harry Potter wiki's and the sort. No offense. I'm still entitled to my opinion right? Except imdb of course, I suppose I need the cast names from there. What? You can't expect me to wait for the credits to know them all right??? By the way, I'm seriously detailed that it's annoying sometimes but, who cares? This is not a richly-woven blog though. This is not Wikipedia for crying  out loud! I'm no techy so don't expect too much. And I already know I don't have good handwriting so spare me the criticisms. Haha.)

Now this is the cast of characters of Harry Potter. I wrote everyone there, every character that showed up in the book. I'll make a table on who's who in the book, in the movie, and in real life. You'll see. :D

Made a list for the Hogwarts' staff too. Seems like Defense against the Dark Arts subject had been quite busy. :)

It had been quite hard to get who's on the quidditch team for Ravenclaw and Hupplepuff. Sometimes that could be seriously frustrating when you need it. :D

Thought some color could liven it up. But nah. :D

Well, this is to delineate the schools, places, founders, headmasters, and school ghosts mentioned.

Ministry of Magic and Order of the Phoenix peepz.

Death Eaters and Quidditch World Cup show-ups.

The foursome, Pets, and Dumbledore's Army party-poopers.

And last but not the least, you're seriously gonna love this. The craziest of them all. Ta da! My Harry Potter show-up table! *applause*

Hahahahaha. Told you it was crazy. 

By the way highway, you might have noticed that this is outdated. I know right? But you see, I stopped scrapbooking this around 1-2 years ago. I got busy with my first job and all. Now, since I'm unemployed as of the moment, I might as well do something to kill time as I wait for a "job call". You know what I mean.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Harry Potter

I made a scrapbook for Harry Potter. That's lame I know. (Well, that goes with all my other lists anyway.) Wait 'til you see the pictures. It's a lot crazier. I'm not saying there's a lot of decent art stuff going on there. Seriously, it's not even a scrapbook. It's a friggin' drawing book! A Peter Pan drawing book at that! Hahaha. But I was trying to be detailed with the facts. And that's where it all got crazy. :)

Okay. I'll go over some pics I have of it. And try to write it all down here. 

See? I'ts a Peter Pan drawing book for pete's sake! Hahahaha. Anyway. Just wanted to prove myself. Know what, this came with 2 other drawing books. One was for my quoted phrases. I used to write it down. I got tired. I blogged it instead. You'll see it in one of my blog pages up there. The other one was for my vocabulary words. I used to write them down too. I even made a notebook that looked like a dictionary. But I got tired of it too. (specially when I got my electronic dictionary) Come to think of it, I might make a new page for that. :D
Okay, so much for the dilly dally. I started my "scrapbooking" back in 4th yr college (2007). But I liked Harry Potter ever since it came out during my 1st yr in high school (2000). I wasn't even able to read the first two books but I loved the first movie nonetheless.  Was able to read the books later on, and that's before the movie comes out. You see, back then, books were hard to find. Especially if you're outside U.S. of A. :D
I think I read the books around 4-5 times now. And I watched the movie around 7-10 times too. I just can't seem to get tired of the characters and the actors. Most especially, their accent! Ohhh... how I wished then I was born British. Sad to say, that's not how it works right? :D 
But, now the end is near for Harry Potter series. I felt like I lost a loved one when Sirius died. I felt like I lost a grandfather when Dumbledore died. I felt like I lost a friend when Fred died. And I felt like I died when I finished the 7th book! I consoled myself thinking there is still 2 movies to look forward to. But after then? What's gonna be left of my beloved Harry Potter? I shudder to think about that but I'll cross the bridge when I get there. :)

I've always tried to look for HP freebies or souvenirs like wands, school robes, quills, posters, yada yada yada. But, all were seriously lame if you're on this side of the planet. So I vowed to buy original books and movies instead. I once had 3 posters for HP3 sent by my big sis from NY, but they were torn by my ever-so-cute nephews and neices while they jump up and down my bed everytime they have the chance. Well, If i get to roam abroad, those will be at the top of my list. Apart from clothes though. I love clothes. :)