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Friday, June 25, 2010

June 8

I know this is kind of late and maybe off-date but its never too late for a thank you. :)

My peer ministry advisor once told me that, though we have different preferences on the friends we make, you should always give others the chance to prove themselves. Share yourself to those willing. Don't be exclusive to just one. But be exclusive to many. And I have lived with that on mind.

Well, there's one thing I realized over the years. There's a difference with old friends and new found ones. True as they are but there's a certain disparity. I'm not saying this applies to all, this is my note anyway. You see, new friends might be able to give you a better view of yourself. But old friends just let you be. No matter how you came to be. New friends can give you great fun. But old friends does classic fun. New friends might be able to get you to a lot of places. But old friends can get you to their homes and still feel its worth like an out-of-town trip. I'm not taking sides. I'm trying to make both ends meet. But I can't help it at times that I prefer the company of the other. And this time, I do. :)

To my SOLID friends, who may or may not be in facebook, you are the closest I have for ideal kinship. (No offense to my dysfunctional one. This is apart from real kins. Again, I value them nonetheless.) You're the only people I get vulnerable with, share my heart out, who listens to me in rapt, who actually gets involved or at least tries to get involved with my life and makes me feel I'm a part of yours too. Who doesn't compete but supports instead, who says violent threats but never actually does it, come to think of it, the concern sounds a lot sincere don't you think? You're the people who I value opinions and views more than any other, who I look up to, who I respect the most, and who I don't want to live without. I may not be so transparent with this but at least with words I express. And this might confuse you as there was no event we had to trigger me. (You all well know I'm not good at this. :D) But there WAS, actually. It was not an event. It was not even an occassion. It was a new found friend. :|

Belated Happy Best Friends Day! Cheers to more years together! *clinking*

I'm not saying you guys are furry. :D

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