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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I don't know why every time I hear these songs, it reminds me of certain persons or events. It's not extraordinary, yes. Pero nagtataka ako kung bakit hindi sya pumapalya kahit minsan. I remember it in every freaking time it plays! The other thing is. Most of them are not necessarily memorable. I mean, most of them are random people and random events. And its not even a long while that they sang the song, or got connected to it, or whatnot. I didn't particularly want to blog it or something but, the list is getting longer that it's alarming. And the main purpose for my blogs is being my MENTAL NOTE to everything. So why not write all I can? :D

Song ========================== Reminds me of...
  1. Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston ===== Internetan nila Achy
  2. I Gotta Feeling by B.E.P. ========= Carcar Team Building 
  3. Ambisyoso by Kamikaze ========= FM radio while waiting for Law class 
  4. Don't Go Breaking My Heart ========= Ava
  5. One Sweet Day by Mariah ========= Tricia and Wuth's duet 
  6. Samson by Regina Spektor ========= Jonan 
  7. Only One by Yellowcard ========= first airplane take-off 
  8. Bed of roses ========= Dirk 
  9. Changes in my life ========= Arjay 
  10. 1234 by Plain White T's ========= Dirk 
  11. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga ======== Jhade Nathaniel 
  12. Use somebody by Kings of Leon ===== Dirk 
  13. Grow old with you ====== Edgar Allan 
  14. Insomnia by Craig David ========= Malos 
  15. Miss Independent by Ne-Yo ========= CCT Trainer Mark 
  16. Wish by Lick ========= High school times 
  17. Someday by Nina ========= Lunch with PM peeps 
  18. We Will Not Grow Old by Lenka ========= Febbe 
  19. Tunay na Mahal by Lani Misalucha ========= Manang Lanie 
  20. Fireflies by Owl City ========= Jaffy in Tacloban
  21. Can't fight the moonlight ======== Emelyn during videoke times
  22. Eye of the tiger ======= Lean
  23. Linger ======== Star
  24. Just the Way You are by Bruno Mars ====== Kel
  25. The Scientist by Coldplay ========= Hanz
  26. Frantic Static by Undercover Grasshoppers ======= Febbe
  27. Mad by Ne-Yo ==== Sarah Geronimo

Note: This is in accordance as to the time I remember to write it down. :D And, I'll update this list if I have new ones. AND... I will also delete some that no longer reminds me of them. :D


  1. ..i dont get it. why do you remember golde with fire? O_O

  2. with the "eh eh eh eh" part. I remember her raising her hands and singing to that part. :D