To know me, you have to read me. Otherwise, I'm just like everybody else. Without identity. Choose well.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I made a deal with the devil. Again. Yes. In flesh and blood. And again, I was disappointed. I guess, evil as they are, they do not keep their own promises. Trust? They don't know what that means. :|

I made a mission. For this year, and for the years to come. Remember the 7 deadly sins? I am too guilty of one.PRIDE. Ow well, there's another one too. And another. But nah, that's another story. :) So I engineered a way to lessen it. I focused on one aspect as the others were too hard to swallow. YET. :)

I made a move. Failed. Tried it again. Succeeded. But, failed eventually. Tried it one more time. Succeeded. Yet, still, failed. It dawned on me that the mission never actually entailed success. Epiphanies poured like an avalanche. I was successful. Had never been more successful in my life. :) But, that does not follow that I was happy. Because I also realized one simple thing. :|

I made a face. Gawd, this is sooo humiliating. But I guess, that was the entire point! As what I've always told them about the reason for this madness, "This is good for the soul."

I made a revision. I revised the pact created. And since, my pact partner no longer wants to 
bind herself with it, I'll make a pact with myself then. To continue this insanity for the years to come. At least, just on Valentine's Day. :)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.... Share the love. Be happy. :)