To know me, you have to read me. Otherwise, I'm just like everybody else. Without identity. Choose well.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm like...

I'm like Pinocchio. It shows when I lie. :D

I'm like Steve in ALL ABOUT STEVE. Easily gets overwhelmed. Of what? Just watch the movie. :P

I'm like Alice in Wonderland. I have an imaginary world. With imaginary friends, imaginary enemies, and of course, an imaginary boyfriend. :))

I'm like Bella from New Moon. I'm forbidden to remember. But I'm terrified to forget. Indeed, it's a hard line to walk.

I'm like a daughter-in-law. And your my mother-in-law. You give me ambivalent feelings. :D

I'm like a moth to a flame. I get drawn to artificial or candle lights. And sooner or later it will burn me out... If I'm not careful. You see, I'm the moth. You're the flame. :)

I'm like a package. Signed, sealed, and delivered. Never owned and never opened. Just ignored, unnoticed. To the latest recipient, please for once, have the decency to RETURN TO SENDER under such circumstances. :)

I'm like the SPHINX. (Albeit with lesser monstrosity) I thrive on riddles for passage. Speak in riddles for concealment. Too personal, yet encrypted. Like exposing your innermost thoughts yet undecipherable by the naked eye. Thereby passage would mean trust. Concealment would mean understanding. :)

I'm like JACK of all trades. I have so many passions in so many fields, that I am a master of none. I wish I was great at something.

I'm like Anne Frank. Oppressed by the wars of the world. Yet undeterred. That long talk made me feel like I defended myself from all of it. Again. Thanks. :)

I'm like a general ledger. And you are under my doubtful accounts. As to when to write you off, that is subject for further analysis. :D

I'm like THE MAN WHO CAN'T BE MOVED. I sit still waiting. Waiting for something unexpected. Because I promised. And I always try not to break a promise. But why does it feel like such a curse? :(

I'm like Cinderella. By the time it strikes 10am, I should be out of the unending mind game. Running. Running for cover.


  1. do not expect too much. set standards low or better yet no standards at all. you will definitely see things differently. :)

  2. What are you talking about? I just like the idea of the phrase I'M LIKE... I wrote this a month ago. But I didn't have that much metaphorical sentences yet. Most of it went to FB instead. :)