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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Raining bed

I'm no architect. So pardon my elementary drawing. As long as the point is clear. Besides, I can always hire a technician for this to work. I have my own pretty good mind-blowing blueprint. Fire away! :D

I am an insomniac. And I hate it! Whoever likes not being able to sleep at will? I have always envied those who can sleep in a jiffy. Because it takes a fun-filled outing for me to sleep faster than my head hitting the pillow. Even alcohol can't do it. It gives me palpitations which makes it a whole lot worse! Haha. If you have always been able to take a nap during jeep rides, bus rides (especially with the heat), lunch breaks (or breaks), a power nap after shift before going to an all night party with friends (or naps at that!), then you will not share my gusto for a raining bed.

It takes me an average of 30 minutes to an hour everyday before I can finally doze off. I'm not sure if that is because I think a lot. But dear me, I already think a lot all day! It's not as if I've always had love problems. At least THAT would be understandable. And I've been like this since I was a kid. Especially when my sister was still my "couch"-mate. She turns off the lights you see. And I can't sleep without at least a nightlight on. It's not the usual darkness. It's choking nothingness that one might get inside a covered well! So I'll have to wait for a flicker of light from some holes upstairs (which are from streetlights too) before my eyelids even start to feel heavy. (Imagine!) I guess that explains the dark circles round my eyes no matter how much night cream I put on it. :))

In high school, I got my own room. Got an AC. Got a nightlight. It didn't help. I still had troubles sleeping. So I had my niece sleep with me. But on a separate bed. I can't sleep together with that tornado-sleeping kid. :)) That helped. So I concluded, that it was paranoia that started it all. Then through an unfortunate event, I was able to watch "The Exorcism of Emily Rose". Have you ever had a movie that you wished you had not seen and can't even allow  yourself to think about? This was it for me. I often wake up at dawn even before. 3am to be exact. So imagine my horror when I watched this movie??? Hahahaha. Which was aggravated by another movie, a Filipino movie, "Wag Kang Lilingon". This one had the same concept about 3am. Both movies killed my every inch of need for horror or disturbing films. No more horror /disturbing movies for me after that. It took me years to be able to sleep again after waking up at 3am. Those times were tough for my sanity. Tough times indeed. :D *Footnote: This made me nocturnal. Basically why my call center job fits me. Because I don't have to sleep at night. :D*

Now to the reason why I've always had this crazy idea of a raining bed. I love the rain. Most people don't, especially those outside tropical countries. But it's not the heat I'm biased about. (Though I never liked sunny days.) It's the sound of rain. I read somewhere a long time ago, that the reason why babies respond to humming because that's more or less the sound inside the womb. And isn't the rain like a giant humming engine? Nyahahaha. I guess that's why I like the loud AC's too. It hums. But the rain is waaaaayyyy better! So imagine a bed where the rain is at your command... Feels like my dream of being Storm from X-Men can come true! :D

I had thought of this a long time ago. When I was asked what is the first thing you'd like to have when you get rich. Rain was my first choice. And there would be no more sleepless nights. I still have to get rich though. :)

P.S. I have of course thought of the best alternative cure other than this. That is having someone to sleep with. But with getting rich and finding the love of my life, the latter is far more plausible! :))

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Quoted phrases part 10

Alone or not, you gotta walk ahead. Thing to remember is, if we're all alone, then we're all together in that too. -- P.S. I Love You (film) 

That is one great difference between us. Compliments always take you by surprise, and me never. -- Pride and Prejudice (book)

Vanity and pride are different things... Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us. -- Pride and Prejudice (book)

Hahaha. I like you! Nothing you say makes any sense! -- Rio (film) 

If you're ring finger is longer than your index finger, it means you're a lesbian. -- The L Word (tv series)

But the earth does not belong to man. He's only a tiny part of it. Man did not weave the fabric of life. He's but a thread within it. For we all share the same breath. -- Animals United (film)

Magic is just science we don't understand yet. -- Thor (film)

I'm a magnet of unavailable men. And i'm sick of it. -- The Wedding Planner (film)

Don't be your own bully. -- To Be Fat Like Me (film)

The world will tell you who you are, until you tell the world. -- To Be Fat Like Me (film)

New York is never finished... She is a lady only a handful of architects ever get to dance with. Do not miss your turn. -- How I Met Your Mother (tv series)

He was growing quite inattentive to other people and wholly engrossed by her. Could there be finer symptoms? Is not general incivility they very essence of love? -- Pride and Prejudice (book)

Eventually over time, we'll all become our own doppelgangers. This completely different people who just happened to look like us. -- How I Met Your Mother (tv series)

Zachary: Ms. August told me about you being here, helping out. She didn't mention anything about you being a white.
Lily: Maybe she didn't notice. -- The Secret Life of Bees (film)

I resisted you not for the lack of love. But because I was afraid of losing myself in it. -- From Prada to Nada (film)

Truth is nothing. What you believe to be true is everything.  -- Waiting for Forever (film)

Katherine: I need to start fresh, you know... Understand?
Danny: I guess.
Katherine: It's an awful lot of guessing coming through this phone. I'm divorced. I have 2 kids. I don't... I don't have time for guessing. -- Just Go With It (film)

You lied to me by telling the truth? -- Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides (film)

I have to preserve the Ayuzawa the whole day today properly. This digital camera will be the present. Letting you have a sense of self-consciousness is the purpose of this. -- Kaichou Wa Maid-sama (manga)

I just want to stay by his side! For the sake of being qualified to stand by the person you like, there's no other way but to work hard. -- Kaichou Wa Maid-sama (manga)

I just couldn't think someone like you could ever like someone like me. -- Something Borrowed (film)

disclaimer: I don't own the pictures. This is merely to put an image for the quote's resource.