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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Letters to Juliet - A Concerned Friend 2

And the correspondence goes on...


xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxx, Cebu City
March 3, 2011

Dear Leah,

Good Day!

I would like to start with the letter with a question, when did you learn to call me (endearment name concealed)? Hehehehehe.

While I was reading your response, my nose started bleeding because of the words that are grueling to a fan like me. I don’t know why you were the first person that crossed my mind when I was planning to write this letter. It makes me wonder until now. Hmmmmmm…

I believe that you are a strong person and with that I know you can surpass the storm you are about to face. It’s your self exile that I worry most. I know I should not be worried because you said that I should not be worried but I could not help myself but to worry.

Truthfully, I am also not certain if I feel hurt when I think of her with him. I don’t really visit that thought, I usually think of other things instead. But when I saw her last Sunday together with him, I felt nothing or maybe I just ignored the feeling. I seldom see both of them these days which is very fitting to the situation. I am happy for them both, especially knowing that they are going stronger. I also believe that love is not the only thing that makes the world go round. The reason might be that I don’t believe in love itself. I sometimes do not understand myself, how I think compared to most men. No matter how I try to be the ordinary man the society wants me to be I just think differently. I am just not the ordinary man they will have. Nothing really makes sense in my life right now, but in due time I will find my way to the fountain of life.

I don’t believe in destiny and I believe that you will find someone who will love you because you are a very lovable person, though snooty and moody most of the times. I am always praying for your happiness and will always be praying for it till you find it.

Your fan nalang.



177-G T.Padilla Street
Cebu City
March 8, 2011

Dear *endearment name concealed*,

A pleasant morning avid fan!

I could not seem to remember when I started to call you *endearment name concealed*. But rest assured it did not start recently. I have a strong feeling it was after our trip to *obvious place concealed*. I can be wrong.

My catch phrase had always been to invest in your mind. One of which is vocabulary. It wouldn't hurt to get acquainted with some of the most unused words in the dictionary. It gives you an advantage. Plus, it makes one sound cool. Do you agree? :))

When I said there was a storm coming, I never thought I'd be faced with a very fervent desire on one such particular goal that I'm willing to sever some ties. My self exile had started January this year but had been planned since last year. Did you read the blog I wanted you to read first? If you did, then you will know I am just excruciatingly tired of all the seemingly profound interpersonal activities. Except of course for those gatherings from the closest of friends. If you haven't read my "random thoughts" blogs, then your pursuit of trying to understand the situation I am in, is futile. Though it is highly appreciated, but as I have said through numerous occasions, I express myself very well in writing. Enough of my reprimands, but I must say, your use of the word WORRY in one sentence can get you a world record. :) Do not bother yourself with my seclusion perpetua. I may have disengaged myself from society but I am well content with the company of my family as of the moment.

If you are not certain, then BE CERTAIN. That's the surest way to the next step. But if time is all you have, then let nature take its course. And wait.  I believe in love. Even if I have never experienced it. Because I can see it in others. As one author said, "Knowing is independent of being." True indeed. That explains all abstract ideas, though intangible, as true. Ahhh... the beauty of logic. :)) Going back, being out of the ordinary doesn't necessarily entail conforming to society. No one is ordinary nowadays. They follow their own unique dreams. Each to his own. So cheer up, you are not alone. If nothing makes sense, then find one. If that's too much to ask, then go with the flow. One is entitled to have their lapses. If ever you get back to the road of life, we will all be here to welcome you back.  I am currently on the tough track to life but I sure as heck will be getting there. Positive thinking.

I believe in destiny. Again, for others. But I'm not waiting for destiny. I'm making my own. Thank you for the prayers my good friend. I hope it works if it's not from me. :)) Kidding. This letters are making me think. I like it. But I don't know how long your madness is going to last but since I have you now, I would like to ask permission to post this on my blog. Of course, no name dropping. And I will title it, LETTERS TO JULIET. Awesome ayt?

Your vainest friend,



Stay tuned. :D

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Letters to Juliet - A Concerned Friend

A Concerned Friend
As explained by the previous blog, I'm blogging the ow-so-called letters I get. Of course with the permission of my sender on the condition of complete anonymity. Like I would divulge that? Hehehe. Here's the first letter and my response. :)


A Letter for you
xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxx, Cebu City
March 2, 2011

Dear Leah,


On my way home today I realized that it would be a wonderful feeling to write and read letters everyday like what people used to do in the previous years. So it crossed my mind to write a letter though the means is quite modern but still the idea is quite fascinating, so don’t be alarmed if I am writing to you in quite a peculiar way.

This letter is also one way of checking on you once in a while especially that your storm is fast approaching. I don’t have any idea on what your storm is all about and I don’t even have an idea how to help you calm the storm but I hope writing them down like a letter will help you ease some pain.

I had been thinking on what you had said about me being lifeless and I had realized that I was indeed lifeless for several months. I hope you believe me if I would say that I am over my feelings for her. But writing this letter also makes me doubt the previous statement that I wrote. I don’t really know what denial is, but I know how to be emotionless, I had been very good at that and being lifeless is one of that. The good thing about my “lifeless mode” is that I became optimistic (don’t ask me why I just felt optimistic) in life. I learned how to appreciate simple things like the air, the sound, and the beaming lights during my ride going home, even life itself (I am starting to sound very dramatic right now). But because of lifelessness I became too unemotional that sometimes I had to literally punch the wall to feel pain. I have almost 6 years left before I turn 30 and I haven’t figure out what to do after that. I still have no direction at all, though I am now looking forward on what the future brings.

I hope you could also write to me in a friendly letter format. And I am hoping that you could also share the storms in your life.

Your Friend,



177-G T.Padilla Street
Cebu City
March 03 2011

Dearest Anonymous,

Greetings avid fan!

I appreciate the effort you have made in sending this fan mail.  I myself is a believer of the old school communication system. If only the world can go back to snail mails for (at least) a short period of time. That would truly be wondrous! I also acknowledge the fact that I was one of the few people that crossed your mind during your bouts of randomness. That is quite an elating thought. <<<*with British accent for this part* As the cliche goes, what are friends for?

It is also a comforting feeling to know my friends do take time to check on me once in a while. Though for some, in a very peculiar manner. *raising my brows to you*  I have a fair amount of storms in my life that I believe you would not take pleasure in listening. Besides, we all have our own troubles in life. I am not a fan of whining and fussing over trivial concerns. But I do share those that matter. I may seem robotic nowadays but I do know when my limits to blowing up is coming. And when that time comes, I will share and keep myself sane. You don't have to worry about that.

I do believe you my friend. But I would just like to ask you one question, and answer it as truthfully as you can. Do you still get hurt at the thought of her and him? If so, then you are not totally over the feeling. But, being totally over one person does not necessarily mean you have to stop feeling for them. You are in foundation, friends. And that includes involvement. But in time my friend, you will be able to be with them and will not feel that pang of unrequited love anymore. In time you will feel genuinely happy for them and maybe, in the future, be the best man at their wedding. (And I'm going to be the maid of honor, unless *name concealed* wants to have her sister as one. Hehe.) Actually, what my observation was, you being lifeless not for THAT reason. But being lifeless because it seems like you are waiting for the world to interest you. I am not speaking of lovelife. No. To most people, that alone keeps the world go round. I beg to disagree. I admit that I long for someone to care for and be taken cared of. But what's the use in longing for one if destiny does not allow it? I accepted that fact and found out I can view myself living alone for the rest of my life. And it did not scare me at all. I realized, for the person that I am, maybe, I am great in being alone. THAT having been certain, I focused on other things in life that interest me. TRAVELING. And so right now, I'm saving myself for that. A direction. That is what you lack my friend. I am not saying that you need to make one in a jiffy. I did not come to my realizations until I was 23.  I am happy to know that you can find the joy in life in the littlest things. That is a start. Do not dwell much in what you do not have. Focus on what you can do with your life. Keep in mind what I asked you. Do not make me ask you again this. 'What's wrong with your life Anonymous?'

Your vainest friend,



Next blog will be another response. Keep tuned in. :)

Letters to Juliet

Gone were the days when people used to write in pad papers and tuck them in envelopes with stamps. Gone were the days when you are eager to  check your mailbox for a response from a beloved correspondence. Gone were the days when substantial conversations were private. Now, a touch of a fingertip can connect you to the world. People seldom receive personal mails because mailboxes are besieged with magazine subscriptions, spam leaflets, and billing statements. Almost everything is publicized.

 As I always say, there is more beauty in interpersonal exchange than status msgs and wall posts. It creates a simple bond between you and the other as if it's a secret unfolded. Don't get me wrong. As I have said in a previous blog, well... to quote: "If there is any avenue better than personal meetings, it's the net." However, it should not replace what is essential.

Although it is highly impossible now to go back to snail mails, postcards, and telegrams, one is not closing one's self from any opportunity that presents herewith. I daresay, I am a lover of the vintage life yet can not live without modern amenities. Highly contradictory but what can we say, people love irony. :)

P.S. (I know I'm using post script incorrectly again. Hehe.) The main purpose for this blog is to introduce the old school letter-writing with a contemporary approach. In case you are getting the wrong idea (or I think it's just me being psychotic), this is not an instruction manual. These are private conversations where identities of senders are concealed. (Though right now it's just one sender. But I encourage you all to shoot me an email or better yet, send me a snail mail. :D) I guess you understand now why the title is Letters to Juliet. I'm trying to follow her footsteps but not limiting myself to the LOVE guru it imposed. I now welcome you to another side of me. Click on the next button to start. :D

Monday, March 14, 2011

Quoted phrases part 8

Chances are something people have to make. -- Personal Taste

To me, you were like a puppy soaked with rain. Wandering around the neighborhood... What I'm trying to say is,, that wasn't love. -- Personal Taste

Do you even know how strange and foolish I felt when I kept seeing you as a man? -- Personal Taste

Nakakabaliw mag-isa... -- My Amnesia Girl

I cannot live my life in ignorance. -- Eragon

When memory is gone, so is the soul. -- A Moment to Remember

My advice is to go upstairs, pack your bags, and find yourself a healthy woman. I love my wife, I do, but I won't do it all over again... Parkinson's is not a disease, its a Russian novel. -- Love and Other Drugs

If you have killed at least twice, you should get a thrill every time. That's a real killer. If you don't, then you should be sorry. Men who kill for money without flinching are psychos, not killers. -- Kiss me, Kill me

You devote yourself to that which you believe to be true but cannot prove. There, we must agree to disagree. -- Eldest

The riders were supposed to guard against the failings of the different governments and races yet who watched the watchers? -- Eldest

Akala ko mahirap magpanggap na mahal kita. Mas mahirap pala magpanggap na hindi kita mahal. -- My Bestfriends Girlfriend

Nyay! It used to be a love triangle. Now it's a pentagon! -- Glee

Every opportunity has a shelf life. -- Burlesque

What is it with men and boobs? -- Castle

Beckett: Do you really think that's the take away here Castle?
Castle: I'm just saying whoever killed her also murdered the English language. -- Castle

Beckett: Why is it the family value guys are the ones who get caught with their pants down?
Castle: Because the universe loves irony. And because people are hypocrites. -- Castle

She may have built a wall between us, but I am going to build a door in that wall. Or... put up a ladder. Or... dig a hole. -- Castle

There's a saying... grant me the strength to change the things I can, the courage to accept the things I cant, and the wisdom to know the difference. -- It's Kind of A Funny Story 

If you're not busy being born, you are busy dying. --It's Kind of A Funny Story

If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. -- Sucker Punch 

You can go wherever you want. But a place is only as good as the people you know in it. -- I Am Number Four 

Chaos and destruction is self-defeating. You can't cure pain with pain. -- Arthur and The Invisibles 3 

He... -through the sheer strength of his will - began to gradually subdue each of his unruly emotions, wrestling them into submission to the one thing that could save him from insanity: reason. -- Eldest

I understand how you feel, but you must remain optimistic, for a negative outlook is more of a handicap than any physical injury. -- Eldest

Sometimes, some things are easier to share with someone you don't know. -- Hello Stranger

disclaimer: I don't own the pictures. This is merely to put an image for the quote's resource.