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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Letters to Juliet - A Concerned Friend

A Concerned Friend
As explained by the previous blog, I'm blogging the ow-so-called letters I get. Of course with the permission of my sender on the condition of complete anonymity. Like I would divulge that? Hehehe. Here's the first letter and my response. :)


A Letter for you
xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxx, Cebu City
March 2, 2011

Dear Leah,


On my way home today I realized that it would be a wonderful feeling to write and read letters everyday like what people used to do in the previous years. So it crossed my mind to write a letter though the means is quite modern but still the idea is quite fascinating, so don’t be alarmed if I am writing to you in quite a peculiar way.

This letter is also one way of checking on you once in a while especially that your storm is fast approaching. I don’t have any idea on what your storm is all about and I don’t even have an idea how to help you calm the storm but I hope writing them down like a letter will help you ease some pain.

I had been thinking on what you had said about me being lifeless and I had realized that I was indeed lifeless for several months. I hope you believe me if I would say that I am over my feelings for her. But writing this letter also makes me doubt the previous statement that I wrote. I don’t really know what denial is, but I know how to be emotionless, I had been very good at that and being lifeless is one of that. The good thing about my “lifeless mode” is that I became optimistic (don’t ask me why I just felt optimistic) in life. I learned how to appreciate simple things like the air, the sound, and the beaming lights during my ride going home, even life itself (I am starting to sound very dramatic right now). But because of lifelessness I became too unemotional that sometimes I had to literally punch the wall to feel pain. I have almost 6 years left before I turn 30 and I haven’t figure out what to do after that. I still have no direction at all, though I am now looking forward on what the future brings.

I hope you could also write to me in a friendly letter format. And I am hoping that you could also share the storms in your life.

Your Friend,



177-G T.Padilla Street
Cebu City
March 03 2011

Dearest Anonymous,

Greetings avid fan!

I appreciate the effort you have made in sending this fan mail.  I myself is a believer of the old school communication system. If only the world can go back to snail mails for (at least) a short period of time. That would truly be wondrous! I also acknowledge the fact that I was one of the few people that crossed your mind during your bouts of randomness. That is quite an elating thought. <<<*with British accent for this part* As the cliche goes, what are friends for?

It is also a comforting feeling to know my friends do take time to check on me once in a while. Though for some, in a very peculiar manner. *raising my brows to you*  I have a fair amount of storms in my life that I believe you would not take pleasure in listening. Besides, we all have our own troubles in life. I am not a fan of whining and fussing over trivial concerns. But I do share those that matter. I may seem robotic nowadays but I do know when my limits to blowing up is coming. And when that time comes, I will share and keep myself sane. You don't have to worry about that.

I do believe you my friend. But I would just like to ask you one question, and answer it as truthfully as you can. Do you still get hurt at the thought of her and him? If so, then you are not totally over the feeling. But, being totally over one person does not necessarily mean you have to stop feeling for them. You are in foundation, friends. And that includes involvement. But in time my friend, you will be able to be with them and will not feel that pang of unrequited love anymore. In time you will feel genuinely happy for them and maybe, in the future, be the best man at their wedding. (And I'm going to be the maid of honor, unless *name concealed* wants to have her sister as one. Hehe.) Actually, what my observation was, you being lifeless not for THAT reason. But being lifeless because it seems like you are waiting for the world to interest you. I am not speaking of lovelife. No. To most people, that alone keeps the world go round. I beg to disagree. I admit that I long for someone to care for and be taken cared of. But what's the use in longing for one if destiny does not allow it? I accepted that fact and found out I can view myself living alone for the rest of my life. And it did not scare me at all. I realized, for the person that I am, maybe, I am great in being alone. THAT having been certain, I focused on other things in life that interest me. TRAVELING. And so right now, I'm saving myself for that. A direction. That is what you lack my friend. I am not saying that you need to make one in a jiffy. I did not come to my realizations until I was 23.  I am happy to know that you can find the joy in life in the littlest things. That is a start. Do not dwell much in what you do not have. Focus on what you can do with your life. Keep in mind what I asked you. Do not make me ask you again this. 'What's wrong with your life Anonymous?'

Your vainest friend,



Next blog will be another response. Keep tuned in. :)

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