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Monday, November 26, 2012

Quoted Phrases part 14

Love means you never have to say you're sorry. -- Love Rain (tv series) 

The reason I lied was probably because I felt sorry. Because you remembered everything, but I didn't remember anything. You're just a memory for me. -- Love Rain

The darkness was too heavy. In the end, I too became warped. Hope became despair. Desire became envy. In the end, I closed off inside my own shell. Rejecting the world to protect myself. --  Fruits Basket (manga)

There can be no true despair without hope. -- The Dark Knight Rises (film) 

Elsewhere in Naples, I'd been told, you can actually get something called chocolate pizza. What kind of nonsense is that? -- Eat Pray Love (book)

Responsibility. That word worked on me until I worked on it. until I looked at it carefully and broke it down into the two words that make its true definition: the ability to respond. -- Eat Pray Love

The white women call this the silent treatment. And we let them think we don't like it. -- Kill Bill 2 (film) 

You're still in love with your boyfriend.. Here's the thing, I will respect your boundaries. But just know that. When we're together, whatever we're talking about, whatever we're doing... I'm thinking of kissing you. -- Glee (tv series)

Jess: Hey guys, I got laid off.
Nick: What???
Winston: What happened??
Schmidt: Tsk2. Obama! -- New Girl (tv series) 

I don't forgive you. Do I have to say that? To forgive you. Or not to forgive you. Are those my only choices!? -- Fruits Basket

You don't think. You just feel it. Eventually everyone will find that person. He was right. Unfortunately, the when of it was still a little ways down the road... -- How I Met Your Mother (tv series)

Barney: My wedding is going to be legend... Wait for it... Dary!
Lawyer: So, pre-nup?
Barney: No. Not this time. :) -- How I Met Your Mother

Snow: We sent you away to give you your best chance.
Emma: It doesn't change the fact that for my entire life, I've been alone.
Snow: You would have been cursed too.
Emma: But we would have been together. Which curse is worse? -- Once Upon A Time (tv series)

A ball point pen! Always easy way out these days. Every easy choice today will have its consequence tomorrow. Penmanship is dying! -- Doubt (film)

Woman: Father, is gossiping a sin?
Priest: Yes. Yes! You ignorant batley brothhawk female! You're born false witness against your neighbor. You've played fast and loose with his reputation. You should be heartily ashamed. -- Doubt

Woman: Father, is gossiping a sin?
 Priest: I want you to go home. Take a pillow to the roof and cut it open with a knife. Then return to me.
P: Did you cut it open?
W: Yes Father.
P: And what was the result??
W: Feathers. Feathers everywhere.
P: Feathers. Now I want you to go back and gather up all the feathers that flew out of the wind.
W: Well, it can't be done. I don't know where they went. The wind took them all over.
P: And that! Is gossip! -- Doubt

Evil Queen: I don't want power! I want to be free.
Mother: Power is Freedom. -- Once Upon A Time

She was the first person I knew long enough that, I felt I could be angry with. Without worrying that I was gonna lose her. It made me feel that something was gonna last. And you need that especially when your a kid. -- Pretty Little Liars (tv series) 

Her: You'll still be my friend right?
Him: If a man, if he tells a girl who doesn't like him, like a pathetic fool... If he confesses everything.. It means he never wants to see her again. -- Reply 1997 (tv series) 

If a guy is treating you like he doesn't give a shit. He really doesn't give a shit. No exceptions! -- He's Just Not That Into You (film)

I believe that in order to really enjoy any story, you need to get the ending out of the ways as soon as possible. -- Before Ever After (book) 

Growing old is to be set free. You may see this as decay, and it is. But it is also much more than that. As the body rots, so does the cage that traps us in our worldly concerns. -- Before Ever After

Isn't that the point? Isn't that what everyone hopes for? To find a passion so great that it scares the hell out of you? Why are you so desperate to run away from it? -- Before Ever After

But even when every detail has dulled, I know that I'll always have something that not even time can take away. Pain. And know that I loved a woman once and she loved me back. It's proof that I existed, and so did she. -- Before Ever After

The heart of a woman changes much faster than men think. The heart which used to beat only for you until yesterday might turn towards someone else today. -- Hapi Mari (manga) 

Do you know when most people die? It's these days like, new years, thanksgiving, Christmas. Because it's so lonely. Everyone looks happy. Then I think, oh I was the only one living like this. -- Hello Ghost (film) 

To a guy who's never had a family... I lived hard. Afraid I would be called an orphan. Is there anyone born with a family set? You can just make them one by one. -- Hello Ghost