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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

10 truths, 1 Lie


  1. ...don't eat pineapple.
  2. any movie with Nicholas Cage, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Adam Sandler, Jackie Chan, Eddie Murphy, and Dakota Fanning in it.
  3. ...have an MVP certificate.
  4. ...brainstorm with myself a lot. Not to mention, talking.
  5. ...have never been kissed.
  6. ...sleep with a paper bag handy.
  7. ...have a recorded audio of the rain. My lullaby. Apart from the real rain of course. Or the hum of the AC. Or the sound of broken T.V. signal. Or... hahaha. Never mind.
  8. drug dependent.
  9. ...scream for my life when I'm faced with a cockroach. You can't even make me do that with horror movies.
  10. right-handed.
  11. athletic.
So... which is which? :D

Hope your truth bucket is heavier than your lies. :D


  1. athletic! :D with having mvp i dont think you can even run a long mile. O_o

  2. hahaha. won't answer that yet. :D

  3. MVP sa heart. lol. :p

  4. if that's how you put it. :))