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Monday, August 16, 2010



Facade - front view
Fad - a passing fashion
Fags - fatigue/weariness; drudgery
Farce - a short comedy that is much exaggerated; ridiculous or empty parade
Fascist - an advocate of fascism which is a centralized government which exercises absolute control over industry
Fastidious - squeamish; precise on trifles
Fatuous - silly; illusory; weak in intellect
Fecund - fruitful; prolific
Felicity - a condition of supreme happiness, blissfulness, prosperity, appropriateness; a neat or well-chosen expression
Feline - pertaining to a cat; stealthy; treacherous
Felony - a crime punishable by death or imprisonment in a state prison
Ferments - excitements
Fervor - zeal; intensity of feeling; warmth
Festering - become mentally disquieted or irritated
Festoonery - an architectural ornament; garland suspended in the extremities and hanging in a curve
Fetishists - persons who believe in fetish things; superstitious people; charm; sorcery
Fettered - complicated
Fiasco - a complete or ludicrous failure of which high hopes were entertained
Fictitious - false; unreal
Fidgety - restless; impatient
Fiend - intensely malicious or wicked person
Flabbergasted - astonished
Flaccid - flabby or easily shaken; weak
Flak - anti-aircraft fire; criticism; abuse
Flummoxed - bewildered
Flustered - confused; agitated
Foal - the young of a horse
Fob - a small pocket especially for a watch
Fodder - food for horses, cattle, or sheep
Foisted - placed in wrongfully or surreptitiously
Foppishness - affectedness in dress and manners
Foreboding - prediction; an omen
Forlorn - abandoned; deserted; destitute; miserable; bereft
Formidable - exciting dread; fearful; powerful
Fortitude - patient endurance
Frail - fragile; brittle; weak
Fricassee - any meat that is stewed and fried with gravy/sauce
Frills - ruffles
Frisson - tension; shudder; thrill
Frivolous - trifling; petty; silly
Frock - dress; a monk's habit
Frolicsome - full of gaiety
Frugality - thrift
Fumigate - smoke; disinfect by the action of smoke or vapor
Furtive - expressive of stealth
Fuselage - framework of an airplane
Futility - being vain or useless
Furbelows - a plaited flounce in a petticoat
Flatulent - causing, caused by, or troubled with intestinal wind; inflated; pretentious
Frigging - used for emphasis especially to express anger, annoyance, contempt, or surprise

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