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Wednesday, August 4, 2010



Baffled - eluded; defeated; frustrated
Balk - a heavy piece of timber; disappointment
Balmy - having the qualities of balm; soft; fragrant; refreshing
Beatification - the act of blessing or the state of being blessed
Beatitudes - felicity of the highest kind
Beckon - summon or signal by signs
Bedlams - any scene of uproar or confusion; madhouse for lunatics
Befell - happened; or occurred to; passed
Behest - a command; precept or authoritative command
Behooves - to be met; necessary; or fit for
Bemoan - to lament; pity; symphatize with; bewail
Bemused - bewildered; puzzled
Benched - is not being asked to play in a game; left on the bench
Berserk - wild; crazed; frenzied
Beseeched - beg eagerly for
Besieged - to press with requests or importune
Bickering - arguing; petty quarreling
Bigotry - fanaticism; blind and obstinate attachment to any particular creed, party, or opinion
Billowing - rising or rolling in large waves or surges
Bivouac - open air encampment; without tents
Blandishments - winning expressions or actions; artful caresses
Blandly - mild; soft; gentle; soothing
Boisterous - noisy; turbulent; violent
Bosom - the breast; intimate; worn on the bosom
Boughs - arm or branch of a tree
Bravado - arrogant menace; defiance
Brazen - impenetrable; impudent/rudeness/forward/; shameless
Brevity - shortness; concise
Brumous - foggy; misty
Bustle - tumult; noisy activity

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