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Monday, August 9, 2010



Eaglets - a young eagle
Edifice - a building; large structure
Eerie - lonely; weird; gloomy; mysterious
Effluvium - an invisible subtle emanation/flowing out or issue
Effrontery - presumption
Elated - marked by high spirits, to will with joy or pride
Eloped - escape privately; run away with a lover or paramour
Eloquent - fluent and elegant oratory
Eluded - escaped
Emaciated - to lose flesh gradually; to make thin
Emancipation - liberation; freedom
Embossed - raised in relief from the surface
Emir - a prince or chieftain
Encore - repeat performance
Engorged - swelled by blood, water or another fluid; eat to excess
Engulf - to swallow up
Enigma - a riddle
Enigmatic - obscure or puzzling
Enmity - animosity; hatred; hostility; ill-will
Enthrall - enslave
Entreating - importune or besiege; beseech
Envisage - to face or confront; meet openly; bring fully into view
Epiphany - revelations
Epistle - a letter
Epithets - an adjective denoting quality either good or bad
Erudition - knowledge obtained by the study of books; learning
Esoteric - secret; confidential
Espionage - spying to detect wrongdoing
Ethereal - heavenly
Eunuch - a castrated, weakened, deprived of vigor person
Euphemism - the substitution of a delicate or pleasing expression in place of that which is offensive or indelicate
Evanescent - vanishing; disappearing gradually from sight
Exchequer - a treasury
Excision - amputation
Excrement - body waste
Exonerated - justified
Expendable - can be spent
Expiate - to make atone or amends for
Expunged - to blot out; erase; destroy; obliterate
Expedient - device; that which aids as a means to an end
Extensive - wide
Exuberant - copious; abundant
Execrable - extremely bad or unpleasant
Egregious - extraordinary in a bad sense; gross
Enthused - rendered enthusiasm; manifested enthusiasm
Eponymous - ancestor-like or founder-like
Epoch - a point of time from which succeeding years are reckoned; era; date
Eschewed - avoided; chunned

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