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Monday, August 2, 2010

My Lexicon

Originally, this was on a scrapbook, I decided to write it in a notebook so I can bring it to school. A bit dusty now. Sorry about that. It used to be really purple. I know of someone who really likes purple. Well, this are the words I stumbled upon in my reading. I used to write in the back of my notebooks or whatever slip of paper I could find at the moment and transfer it to this one. I'm dead serious when I am you see. :D

This blog was an idea triggered by my HP scrapbook blog. Thus by doing this, all three of my scrapbooked ideas are now blogged. Let me reiterate; 1st scrapbook = quoted phrases, 2nd scrapbook = Harry Potter memorabilia, 3rd scrapbook = vocabulary words.

I found out as I reread my Harry Potter books that most of my words came from J.K. Rowling. By then, I was still in Highschool and College, so the zest for learning as much words as I can amass was overpowering that when I used to write essays, most people could not decipher what I was trying to purport. <<<(Just like this one. Hahaha.) But then I learned to write for the masses. They said, you should write to express, not to impress. Not that I wanted to impress. Or maybe, just a little. :D And by doing so, I often forget the words I used to be able to put in, in a jiffy. I said to myself, that's okay, as I'm not planning to become a novelist anyway. I don't need as much. Though it proves really handy when you read novels and books. Hehe.

I think this one is the utmost manifestation of my OCness. Don't ever think for a moment that it didn't cross my mind to have myself checked by a shrink, because it does, a lot of times. Now you see, again, if you're in this part of the world and to other parts maybe, that is seriously appalling, not to mention imprudent. Shrinks are for the wealthy. As for us, we try to cope, make ourselves less insane. But that's another story. Wouldn't want to spoil the fun off columnists now, would we?

As you can see, it says My Lexicon in the center and that I wrote it all when I was in my fourth year in college (2007) below. I stopped scrapbooking after I got my electronic dictionary, around my fifth year (2008).
This is the inside. Made it look like a steno notepad. I always have a thing for steno notebooks. I don't know why. Anyway, see the protruding slips of paper in the edges? It's the lettering actually. Like the one you see in huge dictionaries. I was keen to details back then. Well, I still am. :))
Let me augment it a bit. So you can see more clearly the details I was talking about. This lexicon is A-Z too, mind you. And I wrote it pretty neatly. Made me realize now, I had the time of my life then. :D

Now to wrap it all up, I might be doing blogs about this, A-Z. I'm seriously flooding my blogspot don't I? I don't really care. As long as it's not illegal. :))

*No infringement intended.*


  1. kafunny nimo liya oi. :)) infringement jud? wait, what does lexicon mean?

  2. Dictionary gud. hehehe. Pero ang ako kay puro lng vocabulary words nuon.

  3. i see. omg. dictionary lang pala :D