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Friday, August 6, 2010



Dainty - refined as regards taste; elegant; fastidious
Daub - flatter grossly; a rudely executed painting; paint coarsely or unskillfully
Daunted - intimidated; disheartened
Dawdle - to waste time in a trifling manner; loiter or linger
De trop - out of place; not wanted; too much said of a person whose presence is not desired
Debacle - a stampede; a dispersion
Debauch - to corrupt in morals or principles; seduce; pollute
Decadent - deteriorating
Decipher - solve; unravel; uncover
Decorously - fit; properly
Decrepitude - a physical infirmity caused by old age
Defray - to discharge, i.e, expenses; pay; settle
Deftly - clever; handy
Defunct - dead; extinct; the dead
Degeneracy - the state of being degenerated; degraded
Delineated - portrayed
Delinquent - neglected; offending by neglect
Delousing - rid of lice
Deluge - a sudden and resistless calamity; usually associated with water
Demise - death; the transfer through bequest
Demur - to hesitate; raise objections
Depraved - to make bad
Deranged - to throw into confusion; disturb the normal functions; displace
Derision - ridicule; scorn; contempt
Derringer - a pocket pistol with a short barrel of very large caliber
Despicable - contemptible; unworthy
Despondent - cast down; dejected; disheartened
Desultory - passing from one thing to another; cursory/hasty; erratic/eccentric
Deterred - discouraged; disheartened
Destitute - forsaken; poor; penniless
Detractors - takes away the reputation
Detriment - causes damage; that which injures; reduces in value
Dexterity - cleverness
Deviations - shifting; turning aside from a certain course
Devour - to swallow greedily; consume or destroy rapidly
Diadem - a crown; tiara
Diaspora - the dispersion of the Jews; the dispersed Jews
Digress - wander; to deviate
Dilatory - tending to cause delay; slow; inactive
Din - continued and violent noise
Diplomat - skilled in diplomacy
Dire - dreadful; mournful
Dirge - a funeral hymn; a song expressive of grief
Discord - disagreement
Disdain - deem unsuitable; to think unworthy
Disgorge - to force out of the mouth with violence; surrender what has been unlawfully obtained
Dismal - gloomy depressing; dark; horrid; sorrowful
Disparage - belittle; treat with contempt; criticize unjustly
Dispel - to drive away; scatter; disperse
Disquisition - a systematic investigation or discussion; an elaborate essay
Dissipate - to scatter completely; squander or be wasteful
Docile - easy to teach; easily managed
Dogma - an established principle or doctrine
Domicile - a permanent or fixed residence
Dope - stupid
Doss - the back; a bed or bunk in a dosshouse; to sleep in a dosshouse
Dour -  relentlessly severe, stern, or gloomy in manner and appearance
Drab - a tint of brown or yellowish-gray color
Dregs - worthless matter
Droll - comical; funny
Drool - to drip saliva like a baby; to talk nonsense
Drudgery - salvery
Dubious - doubtful
Dunce - a dull, ignorant person
Dungarees - trouser; worn by poor
Duped - cheated;  one who is easily tricked; a credulous, easily imposed upon person
Dyspeptic - a person having dyspepsia

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