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Monday, November 22, 2010



Haberdasher - a dealer in small wares, as ribbons, lace, tapes, needles, etc.
Hackneyed - worn-out; made common
Harbinger - a precursor; forerunner
Harem - the wives and concubines of a Mohammedan
Haywire - badly disorganized; out of control
Heaps - loads; amass; quantity
Heed - to regard with care; take notice, attention or caution
Heifer - young cow
Hitherto - to this place; on the side nearest to the speaker
Hokum - nonsense; persuasive language used by dishonest politicians
Homophobic - has an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality
Hovel - a mean habitation; hut or cabin
Hue - a color tint
Hypochondria - a mental disorder characterized by extreme melancholy
Hypothalamus - a region of brain controlling body temperature, thirst, hunger, etc.
Humdinger - something that excels; one who makes a deep impression, esp a girl who exerts her charms

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