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Monday, September 6, 2010



Gaffes - hooks for landing salmon
Gaiety - being gay; merriment
Gales - strong winds
Gallantry - polite and deferential attention to women; heroic courage
Galling - vexing; fretting; harassing; teasing
Gaudy - showy; vulgar
Gauge - estimate; measure
Gawking - awkward; ungainly
Genteel - graceful or elegant in manners or dress; polite; well-bred
Gentility - good breeding; refined
Genre - style of art; a particular kind; distinction
Ghastly - death-like; pale
Gibes - sneers or sarcastic expressions; cast reproaches
Giddy - having a confused whirling sensation in the head
Gist - main point
Glitterati - shiny things used to glitter the place
Gnarled - full of knots; distorted
Gnawed - erode; corrode
Gnome - a pithy saying
Goaded - urged to do something; stimulated
Grandiose - really or effectively grand or impressive
Gratuitous - freely bestowed
Grizzling - somewhat gray/dull
Grotesque - fanciful; bizarre
Groped - seek blindly with the hands, as in the dark
Grouchy - ill-tempered
Grousing - birding like partridges

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