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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Times

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Hmm... lemme see. Let's leaf back to December 2, 2009. Here is a list of firsts that only MY CVG world offered. Mind you, this is a long list. Quite tedious actually. :) "Thank you for calling Microsoft Customer Service. This is Liya..."

There was 20. 20 interesting species.

This is in accordance as to time of occurence...

- first job.- started drinking coffee.
- for the first time I realized, I suck at English. :D
- stepped foot at Waterfront. WOW. Was "hugged" by an actor/singer Christian Bautista. :D
- first drink of kamikaze with some of wave 42, with CCT trainer Mark Pabilona and SexyJhay for passing CCT.
- got a hold of a huge sum of money. First pay. Hence, the samsung cellphone. :)
- had my first taste of yellow cab pizza for the passers. Thus I was termed, uneducated tongue. :D
- there were a lot of pasalubongs from wavemates who went home for the holidays. Hmmm... peanut kisses. Tasty. I forgot the others. Please make me remember. I remember Rann, Dess, and Cher brought back some of their delectable native goodies. Kat for her Moron.
- took my first call. I might have peed on my pants if I just didn't have that much respect for myself. An 8 minute call. OEM. Hi Becky.
- learned swearing words in shingle. :))
- freedom. Gimicking. If there's such a word. Goes night out with friends 'til morning. What a fit from erpats that would have acquired had I still been unemployed!
- saw fog. At TOPS. Mistook it for overpowering dust. Thus I was termed, leahness/weird.
- after TOPS, ate at Chowa Bungga. Love love love their tocilette.
- had my first absence from work. Took a lot of courage. Dysmenorrhea. Eh? :))
- tasted Blue Margarita during Cher's despidida.
- danced away at Julianna. Fierce was my walls. Barricaded by my very own wavemates. Do I really look that fragile and naive? :))
- splendid summer outing at Maribago.
- my first wave lunch out. KFC. Was able to attend finally. Had a two-week switch with Tara for closing shift. Sadly, it was also Atty. Cher's last lunch out with us.
- 2nd wave lunch out. Krua Thai. Tasted Tofu for the first time. And I don't like it. :D
- the biggest step I made. From Cebu to Bantayan. Whew. First team building with Team Tintin. Thought I'd never get to make that trip with erpats in mind. :D First journey I made outside of Cebu without kins.
- 3rd wave lunch out at Joven's Grill (Parkmall). Never been there until then. Tasted that uber tasty coffee-flavored leche flan in a saucer. Or was it called that? Had a lot of servings of it.
- played arcade games at SM. Funny. I've never done that. Was I too middle-aged that I skipped childhood?
- did bumpcars. Man, that was exhilarating!! And, indeed, I skipped childhood. :D A birthday treat.
- white sand beaches south of cebu. Moalboal was great. Team Golde team building. :D
- was forced to drink at least one shot of Tequila. Sh*t, it tasted like cooking oil. I think cooking oil tasted like that. :))
- Kawasan Falls had always been just word of mouth. Finally, I got there. But seriously, that hike was arduous.
- ate at Lai Garden. 4th wave lunch out. Nicked a pair of chopsticks. Sadly, I lost it. No more sticks for keeping my hair tied. :))
- backed to moalboal for Team Milab's team building. Played 100. Odd card game. But the hotseat was memorable. :D
- Bigby's had the biggest spareribs I ate. 5th wave lunch out.
- I have never been a fan of eat-all-you-cans. It will not do me any good. Small tummy. But there's this weird one. Jacobos. They serve the food. Not "buffeted". Adj. and not a verb pls. Heard rumors that they finally turned to the other side. Served it in buffets now. :D Btw, their pancakes were superb.
- who do I blame for addiction to Starbucks? EMGEE. :D She introduced me to it. I don't drink coffee you see. Unless it's starbucks. But not to worry girl. It's an addiction I welcome.
- watched 3D for UP. Me: Why is it so blurry? Kat: You have to use the 3D glasses lei. :))
- 6th wave lunch out at La Mesa. First time Mommy Beth joined in. Anyway, their calamares was a no no.
- bought my white Lenove S10. My late birthday gift to myself. That was 3months of saving. Whew.
- Pipo's mango float flavored ice cream was heavenly.
- Lemon Grass is a 10. And that's all because they have that lemonade/herbal drink you can never forget. 7th wave lunch out.
- Employee Appreciation Week got me acquainted with Foto-booth. So this is how they roll.
- and so I thought that only Calda's has the biggest pizza. So does Mama Maria's Pizzeria. Crashed Team Penni's snack out.
- Spice Fusion has that weird rice. 8th wave lunch out.
- TL Tintin's bday was unforgettable. Purple-ish. :) 'Twas at Tara's. Their bacon was gooood.
- one thing I like about being in our account is that we get to have a lot of goodies. Expensive ones at that. A legitimate WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE full version. Take that! *smug*
- 2nd Team building for Team Tintin. Now we invaded Carcar at Manong Ramos private resort. Never tasted chicharon like that before! It was a weekend to remember. *nostalgic*
- and what I like about being in Convergys also is the endless treats. Free ballpen, notebook, jacket, chocolates, contest rewards, shirt, travel bag, and most especially... movie tickets! Watched New Moon with the rest of the CVG employees at Ayala. Funny to watch in a cinema full of people you know. Felt like a big film-showing for an entire literature class.
- Friday's chips tasted weird. Even their burger. Apparently, it was for the adventurous tongues. :)
- educated my tongue with GPS premium and Tequila Sunrise with team mates at Cabanas.
- Was told I love you in the face for the first time. But was too wasted to entertain the thought.
- Sizzling Pepper Steak does have a really sizzling steak. Cooked and served right from the plate. And their corn soup is exceptional! 10th wave lunch out.
- got my Express Music Nokia 5530 from Deo. The power of installment and 13th month pay. :)
- Manila Foodshoppe has great-tasting food. Trust me. I'd love to go back one of these days. 11th wave lunch out and crashed Team Milab's lunch out.
- Intosan Resort getaway for Wave Anniversary. We had the time of our lives. Got my own scandal this time. Darn 2ne1! And Kat had the greatest mix of THE BAR. *slurp*
- never thought a FISH PORT could look that good. Has good food too. Wave breakfast at Fishport Danao.
- NACS anniversary party at Sports Exchange Bar. Cool place.
- 12th wave lunch out. I LOVE STEAK has a very odd-tasting baked macaroni.
- Pizza Hut has this uncommercialized tuna with melted cheese serving that should be commercialized! Coz dude, it taste goood.
- Sunburst does have great tasting chicken. 13th wave lunch out.
- made up in a Northwinds hotel room just for a Christmas party? Lavish. :D
- went extreme with that furry boots, cowboy hat, gloves, and a corset for a GLAM ROCK ensemble themed CVG Christmas Party.
- I've always passed by The Gallery but never really dawdled. Went disco-ing with teammates at AK&7 there. Darn teenage hiphops.
- Team Tintin Christmas Party at Fisherman's Net. Again, Xtin, I love the books. :D
- baked scallops at Golden Courie was mouth-watering. Couldn't get enough of it considering that it was an aphrodisiac. :)) There was too much food. Too much even for Mark's 13 birthday guests. What a lucky number. :D
- exchanged gifts at Max's. 14th wave lunch out.
- Sinulog date, forum, nyt out, and inuman at Ava's hub. Kat had another great mix of THE BAR. Seriously, it was goooood. :D
- karaokeing at POD5 for Boss Kitty's birtday. Good old times. :)
- went mellow at Calle 80 for UR 101.9's jamming session.
- saw a Lamborghini at i2. IMA was ecstatic. IMA: A Lambo!!! Do you know how much that costs??? Liya: Looks like an enlarged toycar to me. :))
- asked a guy out for my Valentine pact. It was not that hard as I thought it would be. I guess because, there was a label on the date that I can blame on. Label: Valentine's Day.
- 15th wave lunch out at Cafe Laguna. So may sabaw pala ang adobong manok? :))
- went bowling at SM's Bowling Center. My strength was drained. That ball is rather heavy.
- got miself contact lenses! I'd look Cyan sooner or later. :)
- I am quite familiar with our very own international airport. I get to welcome and say farewell to my ate there for 14 years now. But I have never ever ridden an airplane. Until now. A flight bound for tacloban. So I have another first. Which actually triggered this blog. :D
- landed in Tacloban airport.
- got to see the infamous Tiope's hub. :D Emz, san yung swimming pool?
- went to McArthur's Park. Malalaki pala ang mga amerikano noon? Seriously, they were towering!
- boating at Rafael's farm. Almost got a heart attack.
- posed at San Juanico Bridge.
- explored San Juanico Park, Golf, and Country Club.
- drank chocolate macchiato at Jose Karlo's Coffee (Robinsons Tacloban).
- visited Santo Nino Shrine Romualdez Museum. Eerie place. Had goosebumps the entire time. Felt like a horror ride to me than a historical tour.
- saw a mini amphitheater. I just see this in movies.
- tasted the worst pina colada at La Rica's restobar (downtown tacloban). Tayo na nman ang kumakanta Jaf. :D
- breakfast at Abuhan Tres for Jasen's and my despidida. Sad but true. :(
- last wave lunch out as a CVG employee at Roma Mia. And I tasted the worst porkchop there is!
- first resignation.

Now there is 8. 8 surviving interesting species. :D
Me and Kat are sorry we had to leave you down to 6. :(

And now we close the last page to March 16, 2009. Last day of taking calls. I do not say goodbye. No. Not yet. There will be newer pages. But on a new book now. Now I bind the pages to the string of thoughts that will always be archived and etched deep down memory lane. A mental note that never fades. I will never forget. And I will remember never to. "Thank you for calling Microsoft. Have a great day!" :D