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Tuesday, August 3, 2010



Abattoir - a public slaughter house
Abashed - to put to confusion; confound or make a shame
Abdication - the act of relinquishment or resignation
Abeyance - held or kept back; a state of suspension
Abhorrence - detestation; extreme hatred
Abject - worthless; in a degraded condition
Ablutions - cleansing of body by water; moral purification
Abomination -shame
Abridgment - the state of being cut short/ curtailed
Acceded - came or attained to; agree or yield
Accolade - an entrance in the conferring of knighthood; a brace in music joining 2 or more stanza
Accosted - drawn near
Accoutrement - equipage; military dress or equipments
Acquiescence - the act of submitting; silent assent; neglect to take legal proceedings
Acrimony - sharpness of temper; bitterness of expression
Adamant - hard; the diamond (as hardness)
Adhere - to stick fast, become firmly attached to
Adrift - floating at random
Admonish - to reprove gently; warn; instruct
Adroit - dexterous/clever
Adulation - flattering extravagantly
Adversary - an opponent
Adversity - opposing to; contrary; reverse of prosperity; misery
Affronted - confronted; opposed; disrespected
Aghast - shocked; struck with terror
Albeit - although; even though; notwithstanding
Alecky - a stupid person
Alms - charity
Altruism - principle of sacrificing one's self in the interest of others
Amassed - accumulated; gathered
Ambiguity - equivocalness; vagueness; double signification
Ambivalent - a mixture of love and hatred for the same person at the same time
Amble - to move with a peculiar pace
Amoral - beyond morality; neither moral nor immoral
Amorous - fond of the opposite sex, loving
Ample - full; large; abundant
Androgynous - hermaphroditic
Angst - a German word for agony
Animosity - hostility; hatred; enmity
Annals - chronicles
Annihilation - destruction; the act of reducing to nothing or wiping out of existence
Antiquity - ancientness; a relic
Appalled - dismay; terrify; frightened
Apprehensions - the act of seizure, conceiving or laying hold of
Aptitude - capacity for anything; fitness; tendency
Arbitrary - capricious
Arcane - mysterious; secret
Arch - structure with an arc
Archaic - old-fashioned; antiquated
Ardent - burning; fiery; warm; passionate
Arduous - steep; hard to climb
Array - order; the grouping or arrangement
Arson - intentional burning
Assiduously - devotedly attentive; perseveringly diligent
Askew - out of position or arrangement
Astute - shrewd; cunning
Atrocity - enormous wickedness; abominable cruelty
Atrophy - a wasting of the body arising from lack of nourishment; degeneration
Audibly - that can be heard
Augment - to increase in size; enlarge
Augurs - a prophet; one who predicts events through natural signs or omens
Auspicious - promising; fortunate
Austere - sour; harsh; rough to the taste; severy; rigid in character
Authoritarianism - strict obedience to authority
Avalanche - anything that overwhelms by suddenness or irresistible force
Avaricious - impelled by avarice or greediness; greedy of gain; grasping
Awning - a cloth stretched upon a frame and used as a shield from the sun or wind
Awry - turned or twisted; erroneous
Azure - a light blue color


  1. isa itong kahibangan!! O_o and this would go on til letter Z.

  2. You guessed that right! I only have few words with Z though. :D