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Thursday, August 5, 2010



Cacophony - dissonance; harshness in the sound of words and phrases
Cajole - deceive by flattery
Calibration - standardization
Calumny - a false accusation; a slander
Canary - light wine; a pale or bright yellow color
Candid - free from bias; fair; frank; blunt
Candor - openness; frankness
Cantankerous - ill-tempered; contentious or quarrelsome
Canter - an easy gallop
Capacious - roomy; spacious
Capitulated - surrendered to an enemy on conditions agreed upon
Caput - the head
Carcass - a corpse; the decaying remains of a bulky thing
Carnage - slaughter; massacre
Carnal - sensual; impure
Cashmere - a soft woolen fabric for shawls
Catalyst - person or thing that precipitates change
Catapult - fling forcibly
Catatonic - schizophrenic; state of immobility and stupor
Catty - spiteful
Caviar - the roes of certain large fish, salted and dried
Celery - a plant cultivated for a salad; vegetable
Cellulite - lumpy fat, esp. on women's hips and thighs
Cerebrals - of or pertaining to the brain
Chai Tian - chinese word for good bye
Chalet - cottage
Chamois - a rag
Charcoaled steaks - barbecued steaks
Chivalry - the medieval system of knighthood; qualifications of a knight as bravery, nobleness, etc.
Churned - agitated by violent motion
Cinch - a sure grip or hold; a sure thing
Citadel - a fortress; a castle
Clack - a sudden, sharp sound
Clad - clothed
Cladding - protective covering or coating
Clandestine - secret; private
Clemency - compassion; remission; leniency
Clever - wise; cunning; ingenious; mentally quick
Cliche - a common expression or idea; repetition of events; over-recurrence
Coax - to wheedle/ entice with flattering words; cajole; deceive by flattery
Codicil - an appendix to a will
Cognizance - judicial knowledge or notice; perception
Cohort - (co-company) any band of individuals
Co-eval - of the same age; contemporary
Coherent - sticking together; consistent; logical
Compere - (French) godfather; (British) master of ceremonies
Comport - to agree; to behave
Concede - admit
Concession - the act of conceding or admitting
Concierge - in France, a door-keeper
Condole - to lament; to express sympathy for another
Conduit - a canal or pine for the conveyance of water
Confab - to chat
Confer - to give or bestow
Confrere - an associate
Confunded - confused; bewildered; damned; a mild oath
Congenital - produced at birth
Conniving - collusing; cooperating in a crime or fault passively; be in secret complicity; slander
Conspicuous - visible; manifest; distinguished
Consternation - excessive terror, wonder or surprise; perturbation
Contemporary - existing or occurring at the same time; one living at the same time as another
Contention - debate
Contort - to twist in a violent manner; deform
Contrived - devised; planned
Convey - to carry or transport; transmit; impart; communicate
Copious - abundant; diffusive
Coquet - to flirt
Coquetry - flirtation
Coquette - a vain woman; a flirt
Cordial - hearty; sincere
Cornice - the highest projection or border on a wall or column
Coronary - halo; any crown-like appendage/something attached as adjunct
Countenance - appearance; support; favor; the whole form of the face
Craggy - a steep, rugged rock
Cranial - pertaining to the skull
Creche - a public nursery
Cretin -a person afflicted with cretinism or a condition occurring in children, caused by a deficiency in thyroid secretion, and characterized y a stunted and malformed body and arrested mental development
Crud - disgusting substance; dirty; nonsense
Culpable - blameworthy
Cupidity - covetousness
Curb - restrain
Curlews - a migratory bird
Curt - abrupt; short
Curtailed - cut short; reduce
Cussed - cursed
Cusp - a sharp rigid point

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