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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Serious talkers

I dont know what's the best way to express my gratitude. I guess maybe is to create a note of it? :D

This goes to my serious talkers. (3 out of 5 knows they are part of this. hehe) I called them "MY" because I invented THE term anyway. Don't worry, I'm not possessive. Manghihiram lng ako. Buy your time.

I thank you for keeping me company. I like being alone, but I also like not being alone. It's contradictory but never mind. :D

I thank you for the effort of making me less insane. As you well know that I talk to myself. So I gather that it's best to have someone to talk to, with rather sensible responses. :D

I thank you for the endless bickering. I like discussions. It fuels me. Let me quote my former schoolmate, "Talk is cheap, Let's debate."

I thank you for the new ideas (e.g. songs, people, events) <<<< at may e.g. pa akong nalalaman. Really, I'm outdated. I guess I said I don't watch TV? *with a smug face*

I thank you for the trust. It's elating to know that you confide in me. That means I could be trusted too. I guess I can now understand what Annie meant about the reassurer is now the one assured and on "i tell you, i tell me, you tell me, you tell you". Now its your turn to decipher what that means. :D

I thank you for trying to put up with me, and relate to what I am trying to say or share. I could be ambiguous like mad! Nonetheless, I just wanted to say, I wish I met you guys sooner. I'd like to keep you, but that remains unseen. Last time I checked, I'm only down to 2-3 of u now.

Gawd, im blabbering again. *smiles*


  1. =) *touched*

    is this the note you are talking about?
    thanks. i'm soo touched.
    sorry. i'm off facebook for good.

    -Anonymous (you know who i am)