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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Letters to Juliet

Gone were the days when people used to write in pad papers and tuck them in envelopes with stamps. Gone were the days when you are eager to  check your mailbox for a response from a beloved correspondence. Gone were the days when substantial conversations were private. Now, a touch of a fingertip can connect you to the world. People seldom receive personal mails because mailboxes are besieged with magazine subscriptions, spam leaflets, and billing statements. Almost everything is publicized.

 As I always say, there is more beauty in interpersonal exchange than status msgs and wall posts. It creates a simple bond between you and the other as if it's a secret unfolded. Don't get me wrong. As I have said in a previous blog, well... to quote: "If there is any avenue better than personal meetings, it's the net." However, it should not replace what is essential.

Although it is highly impossible now to go back to snail mails, postcards, and telegrams, one is not closing one's self from any opportunity that presents herewith. I daresay, I am a lover of the vintage life yet can not live without modern amenities. Highly contradictory but what can we say, people love irony. :)

P.S. (I know I'm using post script incorrectly again. Hehe.) The main purpose for this blog is to introduce the old school letter-writing with a contemporary approach. In case you are getting the wrong idea (or I think it's just me being psychotic), this is not an instruction manual. These are private conversations where identities of senders are concealed. (Though right now it's just one sender. But I encourage you all to shoot me an email or better yet, send me a snail mail. :D) I guess you understand now why the title is Letters to Juliet. I'm trying to follow her footsteps but not limiting myself to the LOVE guru it imposed. I now welcome you to another side of me. Click on the next button to start. :D


  1. i think it aint impossible to go back to the vintage ways of communicating! i love letters and postcards. ♥

  2. I'd love to get one too. If I'm lucky. :))