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Monday, January 28, 2013

I want

In my fairy tale world.
Him: What do you want?
Me: I don't know...

Later, I realized that,

I want....

I want what every girl wants.
I want even the silly little things.
I want courtship.
I want dating.
I want candlelit dinners.
I want sunsets by the beach.
I want movies and popcorn.
I want flowers.
I want letters.
I want gifts.
I want you.

I want to feel I'm somebody elses.
I want possessiveness.
I want to be spoken for.
I want to brag your mine.
I want to be yours.

I want to be a fool.
I want to be jealous.
I want you to be jealous.
I want the petty little fights.
And then make up.
I want to cry.
With joy. Or with pain.
I want to laugh.
I want your smile.

I want to hold hands.
I want to hug.
I want to cuddle.
I want to kiss.
I want intimacy.
I want romance.

I want sincerity.
I want loyalty.
I want trust.
I want involvement.
I want your secrets.
I want to tell you mine.
I want to share moments.
I want a relationship.

A serious relationship.


You will never be able to give me that.
We want different things from each other that's a fact.
I can't stand that type of pain.
I vowed I'll never have unrequited love again.

To quote: "I resisted you not for the lack of love. But because I was afraid of losing myself in it."


  1. Listen to Unrequited Love by Chisca, Lia. They were the band who played sa simulation nila Yeng. Here is the link:

    Wattts it! Naa mi sa kilid btw. Hahaha! ♥

    1. I'm currently watching it. I think I've heard this song before but with a slower tempo. You posted it sa ako timeline during sa time ni crushie. Hehe.