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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quoted phrases part 2

Every time you try to block a thought out of your mind, you drive it deeper into your memory. By resisting it, you actually reinforce it. -- The Purpose - Driven Life

That is what direction is all about, bridging the gap. -- Drumline

Alam ko kung nagsisinungaling ang tao dahil ganun ako. -- Mr. Villain of Captain Barbell

Ngayon, kung makukulong ako dahil sa pagiging isang ama, tatanggapin ko. -- Maala-ala Mo Kaya

Challenge is the space between what is and what can be. -- Kris Aquino of Deal or No Deal

Terms don't define our lives. Our lives define our terms. -- Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris

Wala na ata. Wala nang pasko. -- Bagyong Reming Victim

...ang karamihan nang tao ay walang pakialam, ang karamihan ng politiko ay walang utak, at yung ibang may utak... walang puso. -- Bakit Baligtad Magbasa ang mga Pilipino? by Bob Ong

Do you see a theme emerging? Women like flowers; men like food! -- Boy Meets Girl

Storm: Being angry can help you survive. Nightcrawler: So can faith. -- X2 Xmen United

Repetition is the mother of character and skill. -- The Purpose - Driven Life

It may be laid down as a general rule that if a man begins to sing, no one will take notice of this except his fellow human being. This is true even if his song is surpassingly beautiful. Other men may be in raptures at this skill, but the rest of creation is, by and large, unmoved. -- Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell by Susanna Clarke

Most of us are naturally inclined to struggle against the restrictions our friends and family impose upon us, but if we are so unfortunate as to lose a loved one, what a difference then! Then the restriction becomes a sacred trust. -- Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell

Drawing teaches habits of close observation that will always be useful. -- Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell

(Victor Neri): HIndi naman sa nakikialam noh, pero, may problema ba? Baka makatulong ako. Charming: Sa dami po ng problema ko, pati Diyos ko hindi na ako matulungan. -- Bakekang

The real woman does not want to be equal but different. -- The satire of Federico Mangahas

There is a saying that, paper is more patient than man. -- Anne Frank: The Diary of A Young Girl

This is the beginning of the end (talking about the war)... Everyone was saying... But the British Prime Minister said, "This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." Do you see the difference? -- Anne Frank: The Diary of A Young Girl

The firm has two cats, one for the warehouse and one for the attic. Now it occasionally happen that the two cats met; and the result was always a terrific fight. The aggressor was always the warehouse cat yet it was always the attic cat who managed to win - just like among nations. --The Diary of A Young Girl

Even now, I believe that for the most part, love is about choice. It's about putting down the poison and the dagger and making your own happy ending... most of the time. But sometimes, despite all your best intentions, fate wins anyway. -- Grey's Anatomy

One need not put up with unpleasant things. There are remedies after all. -- A Book of Dreams by Christina Pantoja Hidalgo

A cheat by any tongue would smell just as foul. -- Shakespeare

If you dwell on all the bad things in life you'll miss all the good things! -- Just My Luck

Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but not about his or her own. -- The Alchemist

Mangarap ka at abutin mo ito. Wag mo sisihin ang sira mong pamilya, palpak mong syota, pilay mong tuta, o mga lumilipad na ipis...Kung may pagkukulang sayo ang mga magulang mo, pwede kang manisi at magrebelde... tumigil sa pag-aaral, mag drugs ka, magpakulay ng buhok sa kilikili... Sa bandang huli, ikaw din ang biktima... Rebeldeng walang napatunayan at bait sa sarili. -- Bakit Blaliktad Magbasa nga Libro ang Pilipino?

There is a certain desperate loneliness of two parallel lines that will never meet within the same plane. -- Anonymous

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