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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quoted Phrases intro

I made this introduction because I feel like I owe my series of blogs about quoted phrases this much. I am not sure how you perceived this part of my blogspot. So I need to clear things out. Melodramatic much. :))

I have started blogging during friendster days here... Leah's time to be heard!. I don't know how to delete this since I already deactivated my friendster eons ago. Haha. If anyone of you knows how, please email me. (SUPER THANKS!) I can only just hope that since friendster draws to a close, my blog there also does the same. :)) Anyway, this was the reason why I started blogging instead of writing on my journal. I used to have a journal. And NO it is not a diary. I have been saying that a journal and a diary is completely different in its functions! Because a diary is a daily account of events while a journal doesn't necessarily connote a daily basis of write-ups. A journal is more of reflections you have and how that made you feel. One which was encouraged by the Campus Peer Ministry I was once a volunteer of. It's more spiritual/psychological/emotional than WHINY! :)) (I'm drifting again with my topic.) I'll just start a new paragraph then. :D

You wouldn't believe me if I say I was not much of a poser during friendster days. And by poser I mean "vanity in pictures". My profile pictures used to be random pics of my idols. (Yes I was pathetic then.) Because I believed that I didn't look good to post pictures of myself. Imagine the difference to how I was now from the year 2004??? Incredible isn't it? Though shocking to most of my high school friends. :D I believed it to be growing more confident of one's self and believing you have a place in the world. Right? :D

Smurfy me!

So that basically follows, that before, I do not give my opinions of certain matters as easily as a blog post. Nor even in a conversation. All the more not in a chat box. I was too reserved and an introvert (Super introvert than how I still am now. Now is improved. Trust me.) I used to care about what others might think of how I view things. (As they are mostly random and weird.) Now, I hardly even care if they read/listen to it or not. We have freedom to express. We just have to maneuver through it. :D

This fixation in quoted phrases was the foundation of my love for vocabulary words, love for essays, and love for a masterpiece of a conversation like "free indirect speech". In short, I love WORDPLAY. That's when everything started. From then on, I became a writer/blogger gradually. I am not a pro. Nor have I boasted myself as so. But I know of a great wordplay when I hear/read one. :)

To wrap it up, (or to clear things out finally after writing those few paragraphs)... My quoted phrases are phrases I have heard or read through books, tv series's, anime's, movies and the like. These are phrases that have caught my attention, during particular conversations of characters, so strongly that I needed to write it down. I write it down with anything on hand, usually it gets saved on my cellphone's drafts. Quoting phrases became automatic to me now. It is not something I seek for just to get one. NO NO. It just gets my attention like a picture of a light bulb on one's head when an idea comes up. Which eventually got numerous that I had to get a drawing book full of it. (I used to have drawing books of stuff so unrelated to drawing. Haha. Check my blogs about it at Harry Potter and My Lexicon) Which I had realized I would lose in a jiffy, and so came my first blog on my first blog post in friendster... My list of quoted phrases from different sources or the one here... Quoted phrases from different sources. I just had a new quoted phrase from one of my favorite TV series How I Met Your Mother that actually triggered this blog. "Eventually over time, we'll all become our own doppelgangers. These completely different people who just happened to look like us." :D

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